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How to Remove Glitter Eye Makeup

Skin Care Essentials

How to Remove Glitter Eye Makeup How to Remove Glitter Eye Makeup How to Remove Glitter Eye Makeup

If you’ve ever been around glitter, whether it was via a craft project, holiday décor, or makeup application, you know one undeniable truth: it’s nearly impossible to remove. Once you break out tiny specks of glitter, you’re bound to be dealing with them for months to come. But, it’s just so pretty, we can’t resist! Especially when it comes to creating eye catching makeup looks. Since avoiding glitter altogether just isn’t an option, we’ve rounded up tips for removing it with minimal mess. While your regular old makeup remover may not do the trick, it is possible to take off glitter eye makeup without practically dedicating your life to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to add sparkle to your eye shadow or eyeliner, you can trust that you’ll want to be prepared for the makeup removal process. Stay tuned for how to remove glitter eye makeup.

Glitter Removal Tip #1: Fight Fallout with Tape

Sometimes you don’t need to remove every last speck of glitter; you only need to get rid of a few straggling sparkles that fell under your eyes. If that’s the case for you, don’t break out facial cleansers and makeup removers to get the job done. All you need to have on hand is a roll of tape. Press the sticky side of a piece of tape against your skin anywhere you want to pick up pieces of glitter. When you lift up the tape, the glitter should be stuck to it. You can’t get much easier than that!

Editor’s tip: Do your face makeup after you’ve finished the glitter clean-up process! That way, all of your concealer and foundation won’t be adhered to the tape, too.

Glitter Removal Tip #2: Be Gentle

While you might not expect it, in some instances glitter can be pretty sharp. Harshly rubbing your skin to remove your makeup is never a great idea, as it can lead to irritation, but it’s even riskier when you’re dealing with glitter. Too much rubbing and the glitter might scrape or cut your skin. No thanks! That’s why it’s a must to be extra gentle when removing glitter eye makeup. It may be tempting to be rough for time’s sake, but it’s well worth playing it safe with the skin around your eyes.

Glitter Removal Tip #3: Pick Waterproof Formulas

When facial cleansers and makeup removers tout that they remove all makeup, even waterproof formulas, that means they’re meant to break down even the toughest kind of makeup. If you find one that’s capable of easily taking off waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, it’s a good sign for how they’ll handle removing glitter. For a facial cleanser you can be sure will take it easy on your skin, while still doing the heavy lifting, try the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types. Powered by tiny micelle molecules in water, the cleanser lifts away impurities and makeup with no harsh rubbing. Saturate a cotton pad with the liquid, then hold it over your closed eyes for a few seconds to loosen the glitter before gently wiping to remove.

Glitter Removal Tip #4: Cleanse with an Oil

Chances are when you’re dealing with glitter, one cleansing method won’t be enough. After using a waterproof option, reach for a cleansing oil. Stop stressing about removing the remaining glitter, and use the oil to give yourself a facial massage. Not only will it be oh-so-relaxing, but the oil will help get rid of what’s left behind of your eye makeup. Once your massage is complete, rinse off the oil, letting the oil take any lingering glitter with it.

Need glitter eye makeup ideas so that you’ll have something to remove in the first place? We can help with that. Read our 4 Best Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas.