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Are Skin Cleansing Tools Worth Trying?

Skin Care Essentials

Are Skin Cleansing Tools Worth Trying? Are Skin Cleansing Tools Worth Trying? Are Skin Cleansing Tools Worth Trying?

Having clean skin really is the first essential step to having beautiful skin. When you cleanse your skin, you’re aren’t just simply rinsing away dirt and oil that buildup over the course of a day. Really, you are refreshing your skin and creating a clean canvas, removing dead skin cells, oil and pollutants from your pores.

Not only should you wash your face for your skin’s health overall, but in order for any other skin care products to work correctly, you need to have properly cleansed skin. To have properly cleansed skin, you should wash your face in the morning and at night with lukewarm water. If you wear makeup, make it a point to remove it as a separate step apart from cleansing.

A seemingly simple skin care step, cleansing is becoming more advanced as new skin cleansing tools claim to deliver a better clean then palms and cleanser alone . The options range from a mild step up from your hands, to powerful machines with multiple cleansing brushes and attachments. As with any skin care innovation it’s smart to understand your options before making an investment. There are many kinds of cleansing tools out there, but here are three basic models to get started:

Clean skin tool #1: The srcubblet. A part of the Go 360° Clean line of cleansers and scrubs, the handy and easy-to-use srcubblet tool delivers pore-by-pore cleansing action without having to plug it in or charge it up. An added bonus is that that tool comes with a cleanser in enough formulas to suit anyone’s skin type or needs.

Clean skin tool #2: The silicone facial brush. Typically palm-sized, these cleansing tools use varying levels of pulsations to deeply cleanse skin, remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. The tool uses battery charged power to more effectively clean your skin than with your fingertips alone. Some models even have anti-aging benefits that can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clean skin tool #3: The cleansing system. On the pricier end of cleansing tools, these systems usually come with multiple brush heads to address your cleansing needs as they change. After applying your cleanser to the brush head, you’ll use gentle circular motions to wash your face and the oscillating motion will deliver a deep clean, unclogging your pores and freshening your complexion.

While clean skin is the goal, you’ll want to be careful to not over cleanse with these tools. Scrubbing too hard or in excess can take a toll on your skin – and that is true for any skin type, even if you are prone to oily skin. You should never want to dry out your skin, which may mean you have stripped your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated.

How you clean your skin is up to you, the important thing to keep in mind is that cleansing should always be a part of your routine, whether you wash your face with your hands, a scrubblet or a system.