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8 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Eye Cream

Skin Care Concerns

8 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Eye Cream 8 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Eye Cream 8 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Eye Cream

Eye cream happens to be one of our very favorite skin care products. If you have dark circles, puffiness, and/or crow’s feet, using an eye cream as part of your daily beauty regimen may be able to help reduce the appearance of your under-eye concerns. But whether you’re an eye cream beginner or a veteran, there’s a chance you could be making some common mistakes with how you use (or don’t use) it. Below, find out how to correct your eye cream errors so that you can use this skin care product the right way.

Eye Cream Mistake #1: Using Too Much of It

Keep in mind that the skin surrounding your eyes is actually quite a small area. Generally, a pea-sized amount should be enough to cover the skin under both eyes. When it comes to eye cream, a little definitely goes a long way!

Eye Cream Mistake #2: Applying It Out of Order

The order in which you apply all of your skin care products matters. But the more products that are part of your routine, the harder it can be to remember the order in which to put them on your skin. One easy rule of thumb to keep in mind is that usually, you should order products based on thickness. If your eye cream is richer and heavier than your moisturizer, it should go on top. If it’s lighter than your serum, make sure it goes under your moisturizer. Of course, always check the instructions on your eye cream’s packaging to see whether you should apply it before or after moisturizer.

Eye Cream Mistake #3: Using It on Dry Skin

Applying moisturizer to wet skin can help lock in hydration, and the same rule can be applied to eye cream. So, before toweling off after cleansing your face, dab the cream onto the skin under your eyes while you’re still damp.

Eye Cream Mistake #4: Putting Product Too Close to Your Eyes

Back up! If you’re applying product to your lids or near your lashes, that’s too close. Simply dot the product along the orbital bone, right under your eyebrow, and under your eyes in a semi-circle shape about half an inch below your lash line.

Eye Cream Mistake #5: Getting Overzealous with Rubbing

The skin surrounding the eyes is the most delicate skin on your face, so there’s no reason to handle it roughly. Instead, blend eye cream into your skin with gentle patting and tapping motions, using just the pad of your ring finger, which has a more delicate touch compared to your other digits.

Eye Cream Mistake #6: Moving Too Fast

Give your eye cream a little time to rest before moving on to makeup and applying foundation or concealer on top. This can help ensure the product has time to absorb and keep it from shifting when you go layer makeup on top.

Eye Cream Mistake #7: Skipping Morning Moisture

Just as you should cleanse your skin and moisturize twice a day, you should also apply your eye cream morning and night. Looking for a recommendation? The L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Eye Treatment can help to reduce the look of wrinkles and under-eye bags with continued use over time. Plus, it has a cooling tip applicator! Massage it gently around your eye area until thoroughly absorbed, A.M. and P.M.

Eye Cream Mistake #8: Not Using It Preventatively

An all too frequent misconception is that you should only start using eye cream once you start to show signs of visible aging. But really, there’s no reason to wait! The L’Oréal Paris Eye Defense is a light, non-greasy gel-cream that is specially formulated to defend against signs of premature aging around the eyes. Formulated with caffeine and hyaluronic acid, it can help reduce the look of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. Apply it in small dots around your eye and smooth until absorbed, morning and night.