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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes and Makeup Blenders

Makeup Looks

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes and Makeup Blenders The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes and Makeup Blenders The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes and Makeup Blenders

You could own the prettiest eye shadows in the world and a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, but if you don’t have the right tools to apply your makeup, you’d be out of luck. And it turns out that there are quite a few different makeup brushes and makeup blenders out there that can help you bring your favorite makeup looks to life—and make application a whole lot easier. Here, our comprehensive brush and blender guide. You’re about to become a makeup brush and makeup blender pro!

1. Allover Eye Shadow Brush

Just think of this one as the Basic B. Used for every eye shadow application, this brush is most well-known for allowing you to dust on allover color. You can find this brush in multiple sizes, but the smaller you go, the more precise you can get with your application. That means it can be used for targeted smudging around your lash line.

2. Angled Brush

Available in an array of different sizes, angled brushes are best for contouring. Whether you choose a brush with soft, fluffy bristles for a light contour or more densely packed bristles for a slightly more prominent application, you’ll be able to created perfectly chiseled-looking cheekbones.

3. Angled Crease Brush

To create a defined eye crease, pick up an angled crease brush. The angled bristles can help you sweep eye shadow effortlessly into your crease to add depth to your look.

4. Blush Brush

This brush looks like a more compact, mini powder brush. The bristles tend to be more densely packed in order to help you apply cheek color with precision. All you have to do is smile and apply the blush of your choice to the apples of your cheeks in short, outward strokes.

5. Concealer Blender

Beauty sponges have risen in popularity in recent years—and for good reason. The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Concealer Blender has a pointed tip to apply makeup and a flat side to help blend and diffuse your concealer. To use, apply a small amount of concealer onto the blender, and blend and bounce it in circular motions around your eyes, nose, and mouth.

6. Contour Blender

When it comes to creating definition on your face, it’s all about an angled application. With the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Contour Blender, you can draw contour and highlight lines using the tips of the blender and blend and diffuse your makeup with the flat side of it. Apply a small amount of contour or highlighter on the blender and draw lines around your cheekbones, jawlines, and nose. Blend the contour lines in circular motions.

7. Fan Brush

Never understood how to use highlighter without ending up looking like a disco ball? Get your hands on a fan brush, which has soft, flat, fanned out bristles that can allow you to sweep on just enough color.

8. Flat Concealer Brush

Have dark circles in need of disguising? This small, flat, rounded-tip brush should be used to apply concealer under your eyes.

9. Fluffy Blending Brush

If you want to create an ombré gradation between eye shadow shades, use a fluffy blending brush. The loosely packed bristles can help you seamlessly blend your eye shadow.

10. Foundation Blender

Why apply your foundation with your fingers when a blender can help you be a lot more precise? The L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender has a pointed tip and a rounded bottom. Apply a small amount of foundation or BB cream onto the blender using the pointed tip, then bounce the rounded bottom of the blender all over your face until you’ve reached your desired coverage level.

11. Kabuki Brush

Due to its dense design, the short, stubby kabuki brush can be used to apply foundation and face powder for a seamless effect.

12. Powder Brush

Oftentimes, finishing off a full face with a makeup setting spray or powder can help set your look. When using powder specifically, apply it with a fluffy powder brush—and use a light hand!

13. Precision Lip Brush

For a super-precise lipstick application, don’t apply color straight from the tube—use a precision lip brush instead. The plush, tapered bristles can make application more precise, as well as help to soften the edges of your lips for a more natural look.

14. Small Blending Brush

Small blending brushes for eye shadow can be used to apply cream makeup products, thanks to their densely packed bristles.