Power Brows 101: How to Find the Best Brow Definer For Your Brow Shape

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Power Brows 101: How to Find the Best Brow Definer For Your Brow Shape Power Brows 101: How to Find the Best Brow Definer For Your Brow Shape Power Brows 101: How to Find the Best Brow Definer For Your Brow Shape

If we know one thing to be true in today’s day and age of makeup trends it’s that, above all else, brows stand center stage. From instantly making you look more awake to being the ultimate finishing touch—or even standing on their own altogether to complete the look—brows have a way of working facial magic. Want to get under the spell? Keep reading to find your perfect shape, plus tips to groom them: 

Determine Your Brow Shape

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that, like jeans, shoes, and the perfectly complementary shade of red lipstick, eyebrows aren’t universal. Rather, the shape of your face plays a huge role in the type of arch you should rock on the daily. From accentuating your facial structure to framing your well-manicured smoky eye, tailored brows can make or break your look. 

So, what brows are best for you? 

If you have a square face…gently curved brows are ideal. This brow shape works for more angular facial structures because they help soften your facial features. 

If you have a round face…angular brows are your best bet. The same way curved brows offer the perfect contrast to a square face, angular brows are best for round face shapes. When your brows have just enough of a strictly styled arch, they will lend to the illusion of a more defined bone structure—which is nothing short of eye-catching. 

If you have a heart-shaped face…well-groomed brows are the way to go. This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead followed by narrower jaw. Since your forehead is a bit more expansive, the last thing you want to do is try to rock an ultra-thick brow. Instead, head to the salon or pick up a pair of tweezers to create a well-groomed, not too-thin arch. Be sure to only pluck from the underside of your brow to keep the top of your arch in tip-top shape.

If you have a long face…slightly extended brows will look awesome on you. If you feel like your facial features are a tad elongated, slightly extended brows can create a new focal point. When you style your brows past the ends of your eyes, instead of focusing on the vertical span of your features, eyes will be drawn to your horizontal characteristics. 

Find the Products to Bring Your Perfect Brows to Life

Now that you know which brow shape is right for your face, stock up on the essential products from L'Oréal Paris to give your arches the attention they crave.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Frame & Set 

Looking for super-styled brows? This creamy brow pomade comes with a designer brow brush and spoolie that work together to create perfectly manicured arches. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly to fill in brows for a look that lasts. Plus, it’s available in four hues: light brunette, blonde, warm brunette, and deep brunette. 

L’Oréal Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender

If you’re thinking that soft and full brows might be the best bet for your face shape, look no further than this creamy crayon to bring your look to life. Available in three blendable shades (you can use them on their own or mixed together to create a custom hue), these eyebrow sticks offer easy-glide brow magic. Want to intensify your brows? Simply apply more pressure when sculpting your brows for a slightly more accentuated look. 

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer 

In need of some extra shaping support? This ultra-fine tipped eyebrow pencil allows for total precision. 

Follow These Steps for Flawlessly Arched Brows

It’s time to get sculpting! Follow these tips for flawless-looking brows:

1. Comb your brows. Using a spoolie, comb your eyebrows upwards following the natural pattern of your arches. 

2. Outline your brows. Using a pencil, crayon, or pomade, line the top and bottom edges of your brow to add definition. 

3. Fill in your brows. Using an angled brow brush, define your brows by filling them in. While you don’t want to ever use a brow shade lighter than your natural hair color, it’s totally acceptable to go a shade darker for added spice that looks super-natural and ultra-defined. 

4.Blend your brows. After filling everything in, grab your spoolie again to blend it all together for a cohesive, natural look. 

5. Make last minute touch-ups. Sometimes after blending everything together brows have a tendency of looking a little too soft. If you find that you’re in this predicament, use a definer pencil to lightly re-line brows to ensure they remain a facial focal point. 

6. Make them pop with concealer. The same way highlighting your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose can accentuate your overall appearance, the smallest amount of concealer around your brows can do the same. So, once your brows are complete, use an angled brush to apply concealer along the outer edges of your arches to create a sharp, well-groomed finish.