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22 Blue Eyeshadow Looks and Makeup Ideas to Brighten Your Day

From indigo to teal, there’s a blue hue to flatter everyone.
  • Lyz Mancini
February 27, 2024

It’s normal to feel a bit blue from time to time, but there’s one eye makeup trend that’s bound to help brighten your day (and your eyes): blue eyeshadow. Right now, blue eyeshadow is making a major comeback—and you’ll be pleased to hear that thanks to a wealth of new techniques, trends, and formulas, blue eye makeup has come a long way since the ‘80s.

While blue may seem like a tricky color to pull off, the truth is that anyone can sport a blue eyeshadow look. It all comes down to finding the right application technique and selecting a shade that flatters your eye color and skin tone.

To prove just how versatile this oceanic shade is, we’re sharing 22 blue makeup looks that we love right now, from royal blue smoky eyes to beachy teal looks fit for your inner mermaid. Plus, we’ll spill the details on some of the best blue eyeshadows, liners, and even mascaras to add to your growing collection.

22 Blue Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup Ideas to Try

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up all of the blue eye makeup looks we can’t get enough of. Try your hand at one of these casual makeup looks for everyday wear—or save a few to try at your next big date night, holiday party, or festival.

1. Baby Blue Eyeshadow

Ease yourself into blue eye makeup by opting for a soft baby blue eyeshadow look. We love L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Argentic; it’s one of our go-to picks for creating a romantic—almost angelic—baby blue look. Or, if you prefer a more natural makeup look, try sweeping a light blue eyeshadow along your lash line in lieu of your traditional liner. This technique adds just a pop of color while still remaining subtle enough for daily wear.

2. Royal Blue Eyeshadow

On days when you want to feel like a queen, royal blue is the perfect dark blue eyeshadow look. Blend a creamy cobalt blue eyeshadow across your lids, using a brush to help soften any harsh edges. When it comes to colorful eyeshadows, blending is your best friend (unless you’re going for a graphic eyeliner look, of course).

3. Bright Blue Eyeshadow

Bright blue eyeshadow usually pairs best with a bold technique. This look is meant to stand out—and when applied correctly, it can really make your eyes pop! To ace this bright blue aesthetic, apply L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Grand Bleu to your eyelids or reach for a bold aquamarine or teal shade. Create a cut crease directly along your lid, then blend upward to diffuse the pigment. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this one.

4. Navy Blue Eyeshadow

For anyone not into the classic blue eyeshadow look, try a sophisticated navy blue eyeshadow instead. Use the luxurious shade to create a dark blue smoky eye, or apply it to your lids and top with shimmer for a night sky-like effect.

5. ‘70s-Inspired Blue Eyeshadow

Eye makeup looks from the 1970s have been having a moment lately, and for good reason: They evoke a dreamy, bohemian vibe that’s playful, youthful, and feminine. Sweep a light blue eyeshadow over your lid with a fluffy brush, then add a groovy twist by creating a blue winged eyeliner look on top.

6. Blue Glitter Eyeshadow

Pay homage to the original blue eyeshadow look of the ‘80s by applying glitter eyeshadow in a vibrant blue hue. Whether you're going out dancing or to a casual dinner party, blue glitter eyeshadow will add a welcome sparkle to your weekend.

7. Smoky Turquoise Liner

Sure, turquoise is a slight deviation from the classic blue eyeshadow, but we think it’s still worth mentioning. Create a blue ombré eye makeup look by lining half your lash line with light blue (or neutral) shadow, then finishing it with a turquoise shade. Lightly smudge it out with an eyeliner brush for the ultimate gradient effect.

8. Blue & Green Eyeshadow

Calling all mermaids: This blue and green mashup belongs on the beach. To create the look, start by sweeping a green eyeshadow over your entire lid, blending the color up toward your brow bone. Then, apply a vibrant teal shadow to your lid for an ethereal, ocean-inspired mermaid look.

9. Blue Negative Space Eyeliner

Experimenting with blue makeup isn’t limited to only eyeshadow—there are plenty of gorgeous blue eyeliner looks to create, too. Grab your L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Mechanical Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise, and draw a line as if you were creating a stencil for an eyeshadow look. Start in your inner corner, draw outwards along your crease, create a wing, then connect the line to your outer corner. The goal is to showcase the negative (empty) lid space to help the bright bright turquoise appear extra graphic.

10. Matte Blue Eyeshadow

A matte blue eyeshadow is perfect to use as a liner—it stays put, doesn’t smudge easily, and there’s no shimmer fallout. To create this look, wet an eyeliner brush, dip it into a matte blue eyeliner shade, then sweep it along your lash line. You can opt for a traditional cat eye for this one, or try your hand at a puppy eyeliner look—either way, it’ll stand out.

11. Blue Eyeshadow Cat Eye

Take cat eyeliner one step further by using blue eyeshadow to create a cat eye effect. For this look, we recommend using tape to help you ace the winged shape (lay it down from the outer corner of your eye up towards your temple). Next, use an eyeshadow brush to fill your lids with the blue eyeshadow of your choice, extending past the corner of your eyes (above the tape) to create the cat eye look. Spritz with setting spray, then peel away the tape. And voilà: a gorgeous blue cat eye.

12. Blue and White Eyeshadow

To make your blue eyeshadow really stand out, try layering a white shadow beneath it—this simple technique can really take your blue makeup look to the next level. All you’ll need for this one is a matte white eyeshadow and a blue shadow of your choosing. Apply the white shadow first onto primed eyelids. Then, layer your blue eyeshadow on top of the white. You should notice a visible brightening effect, with the blue shadow appearing more vivid than it would normally.

13. Denim Blue Eyeshadow

Similar to the navy blue eyeshadow look, this unique style involves layering complementary shades of matte and shimmery blue eyeshadow to create a denim-like effect. To create it, start by sweeping a dark blue matte eyeshadow onto your lid. Then, layer a brighter, shimmer-infused blue shade on top. Try not to blend too much for this one–you want this look to appear textured like your favorite pair of jeans. We recommend reaching for a denim-inspired palette to really ace the look.

14. Blue Flower Eyeliner

Unleash your creative side and use a pigmented blue eyeliner, like the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24H Pencil Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue, to doodle around your eye. We love creating a little heart or flower at the outer corner of the eye where your wing would normally be, but feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

15. Electric Blue Mascara

Maybe you don’t feel like creating a whole eye makeup look, but you don’t want to go au naturale, either. L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Lift Washable Color Mascara in Stellar Blue gives you a beautiful pop of color that’s subtle, but enough to amplify any makeup look. You can wear this blue mascara on its own, or pair it with the aforementioned cobalt eyeliner for an on-trend blue makeup look in just two steps.

16. Blue Gemstone Eye Makeup

Elevate your eye makeup with some strategically placed blue gemstones. We recommend keeping your eye makeup simple for this one, maybe with a subtle shimmery blue or neutral tone. Then, use makeup glue to affix a blue gemstone onto the inner corners of your eye, the middle of your top lid, and your outer corner. This one is perfect for festival-goers looking to create an eye-catching, bedazzled blue look.

17. Glossy Blue Eye Makeup

The glossy eye makeup look is another trend that can be elevated with a cerulean twist. Simply apply your favorite shade of blue eyeshadow, then gently tap an eye gloss on top of the shadow (using your fingertips) for an editorial-inspired, glossy sheen.

18. Watercolor Wash Blue Eye Makeup

Sometimes, eye makeup looks even better when it’s a little lived-in—and this faded look is proof. To recreate it, use your fingertips to smudge a blue eyeshadow onto your lid and blend it up into your crease. Don’t worry too much about precision: This look is meant to be a little messy. Next, take an eyeliner brush and smudge the same blue shadow along your lower lash line for an artistic, laid-back twist on the classic blue eyeshadow look.

19. Blue and Gold Eyeshadow

Blue and gold is a classic color combo: It conveys luxury, and the mixture of cool and warm tones can complement just about any complexion. For this look, we suggest choosing a royal blue for your lid—apply it evenly up to the crease, then buff it upward to soften any harsh edges. Then, tap a shimmery gold shadow onto the center of each lid, in your inner corners, and (if desired) along your lower lash line.

20. Monochromatic Blue Eye Makeup

Let’s go all-in on blue with monochromatic makeup—this trend is all about using the same color palette for your entire eye area (and trust us: the effect is stunning). Start by covering your eyelids in a matte bluish-purple eyeshadow for dimension, then layer a sheer, shimmery blue eyeshadow on top. Next, use a dense eyeshadow brush to pack on a blue shimmer shadow in the center of each lid to catch the light. Finally, create a wing with blue eyeliner and swipe on a few coats of L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara in Cobalt Blue to finish up this all-blue eyeshadow look.

21. Accented Blue Eye Makeup

This is a slightly unexpected take on a classic eye makeup technique—the inner eye corner highlight. Do your eye makeup as usual, opting for something neutral, shimmery, or even pastel, like a shade of pink or green. Then, instead of highlighting your inner corner with a gold or silver hue, choose a bright blue accent instead.

22. Icy Blue Eyeshadow Look

Evoke a wintry goddess vibe with icy blue eyeshadow. Mastering this look is simple: Apply the lightest, coolest shade of blue eyeshadow you can find to the whole lid, then smudge it onto your lower lash line. Then, with a dense eyeshadow brush, press a silver shimmer shade onto the center of each lid. If you have some on hand, complete your look with white mascara—it’ll really drive home the snow queen effect.

How To Find the Best Blue Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color and Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of blue eyeshadow to complement your eye color is fairly straightforward since this hue can flatter all skin tones and eye colors. To help make things simple, we’ve done the homework for you below with a few recommendations for each eye color.

  • If you have blue eyes: We recommend avoiding shades that match your eye color too closely. Instead, look for a blue shadow that’s a few shades darker than your baby blues for added contrast and an eye-catching effect.
  • If you have brown eyes: People with brown eyes can pull off almost any shade of blue. Try blending a denim blue shadow across your lids for an on-trend look, or opt for one with purple undertones to help bring out the gold in your irises.
  • If you have green eyes: Accentuate your gorgeous natural green eyes with a jewel-toned blue eyeshadow that has a hint of teal for a striking, peacock-like effect.
  • If you have hazel eyes: The brighter, the better. Try an eye-popping blue shadow with green undertones to help bring out the different shades that make up your hazel eyes.

Complete the Look: What Goes With Blue Eyeshadow?

If you choose to rock a bold shade like blue on your eyes, it may be best to keep the rest of your makeup look somewhat subdued. We love pairing a bright blue eyeshadow with a glossy nude lip, in the same way we love a bold red lip with natural eye makeup. Choose one feature to play up and go all in.

If you want a bolder look, pair your blue eyeshadow with other blue eye makeup products, like eyeliner and mascara. You can make your eye makeup pop by using a blue eyeliner pencil to define your waterline. Or, you can try coating your lashes with blue mascara to top off your blue makeup look.

Whether you love teals and pastels, navy or neons, the blue eye makeup options are nearly endless. We suggest experimenting with different shades and techniques to find your own unique way of rocking this free-spirited makeup trend.

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