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How to Clean False Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps

Because your falsies are meant to be worn a few times.
October 31, 2022

Sporting false eyelashes is a great way to level up your makeup look. Whether you’re in the mood for wispy, natural-looking lashes or prefer a more dramatic and voluminous boost, the extra effort to apply falsies takes your makeup to the next level. 

If you tend to toss your falsies after a long day’s wear, we’re here to put a stop to that because you can actually reuse them. Once you know how to properly clean your false eyelashes, you can wear them upwards of 20 times depending on what type of lash they are. Read on as we share the 411 on how to clean and reuse false eyelashes.

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How Many Times Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

Cleaning your false eyelashes is worth the effort because you can re-wear them. As for how many times you'll be able to glue and unglue your eyelashes, it comes down to the type of lashes you’re using. False eyelashes made out of synthetic material can be reused up to five times.

On the flip side, if you’re working with mink or silk eyelashes, those are a bit more durable and can be reused up to 20 times. As long as you handle your lashes with the right care, you’ll be able to wear your falsies with many beauty looks, making them a budget-friendly investment. 

How Do I Clean False Eyelashes?

If you’re wondering how to make your fake eyelashes look new again, it’s time to listen up. Cleaning your false lashes is a great way to extend their shelf-life and we promise you won’t ruin them. Check out our step-by-step routine to help you learn how to clean false eyelashes like a pro.

1. Remove the Leftover Eyelash Glue 

With clean hands, you’ll want to begin by removing any glue from the base of your false eyelashes. The easiest way to remove glue is by using tweezers to gently lift the adhesive from the band. If there’s stubborn lash glue that won’t come off, you can use an oil-based eye makeup remover to break it down, just like you would to remove eye makeup. 

2. Clean Your False Eyelashes With Micellar Water 

Once all of the eyelash glue is removed, it’s time to really clean your falsies. This step will remove any makeup and impurities that are on the lashes — it’s especially important if you blend your false eyelashes with mascara.

Place your false eyelashes on a paper towel, then saturate a cotton swab with the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types. Gently wipe the band and the fibers of the false lashes to remove any leftover mascara, dirt and excess oils. Repeat this process until the lashes are completely clean. 

Editor’s tip: If you have mink eyelashes, you should skip this step because eye makeup remover can potentially ruin the shape and curl of the lashes. Instead, you’ll want to clean your mink lashes with water. Use a cotton swab dipped in water to wipe the lashes clean — avoid submerging them in water because this can also damage them.

3. Dampen the Lashes

Think of this step as an extra precaution to ensure that your false eyelashes are fully clean. Get a small bowl of warm water, dip another cotton swab in the water and wipe from the base of your lashes to the ends. Once all the lash glue, makeup and mascara is gone, leave your falsies on the paper towel to air dry.

4. Mist Them With Alcohol

Fake eyelashes can be a breeding ground for bacteria so once they’ve fully air-dried, you’ll want to disinfect them. Lightly mist your lashes with rubbing alcohol, no need to saturate them. Then, lay them flat to dry on a clean paper towel. 

5. Store Your Lashes Properly

After the alcohol has dried, (this will take about an hour) it’s time to store your lashes. Simply place your false eyelashes back in the packaging they came in and keep them in their original position to help maintain their shape. Once you’re ready to reuse the lashes, they’ll be good as new.

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Edited by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn

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