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18 Flattering Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Short strands can totally complement your round face.
June 24, 2022

If you have a round face, you’ve probably heard people say to stay away from short hair and we’re squashing that notion. When you have a round face nothing is off-limits — instead, we recommend looking at the bigger picture to find a hairstyle that will flatter your overall look and bring balance to your face shape. 

Whether you’re working with a curly mane or thin strands, there are a variety of short hairstyles for women with round faces that can help transform your look. Here are 18 of the best short hairstyles for round faces, including pixie cuts, bobs and undercuts that will help to slim and elongate your face.

1. Cropped Cut

There is no better way to hop on the short hair trend for round faces than with the help of a cropped cut. This trendy haircut accentuates your face shape while adding a bit of edge to your look for a sophisticated finish. Big bonus points for how easy this hairstyle is to maintain.

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2. Pixie Cut

We love a pixie cut for its easy styling and bold look. Choosing a pixie cut with volume at the top is a great way to elongate a round face. If you’ve got texture, embrace your hair’s natural wave, add some volume and enjoy how effortless and low maintenance this edgy style is.

3. Textured Pompadour

A textured pompadour like the textured pixie is a great short style for elongating a round face. A nice play on angles, this haircut sports short sides with textured length at the top that beautifully complements your face shape. To get the look, simply add a touch of texturizing spray.

4. Natural Curls With Side-Swept Bangs

If you love to rock your natural hair, prepare to turn heads with natural curls and side-swept bangs. This chic ‘do features trendy bangs that work to add dimension and movement to balance out a round face. Simply add an egg-sized amount of curl mousse, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse to damp strands, scrunch from the roots to ends and let air dry.

5. Tapered Natural Curls

Prefer to go super short with textured strands? Well, tapered natural curls are a great place to start. Flaunting short sides that gradually build to fluffy curls on top, it’s no surprise that this elongating hairstyle is on our list.

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6. Asymmetrical Bob

If you can’t get enough of angled haircuts, the asymmetrical bob will meet your needs. Boasting long length on one side and short strands on the other, this haircut helps to slim the face and provide movement and body for a right-out-of-the-salon look. 

7. Curly Side-Swept Bob

This haircut works to cover the fullness of your face while playing up your curly texture. All you need is a touch of curl mousse, like the aforementioned CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse and your look is complete.

8. Choppy Bob With Straight Bangs

For individuals who love to combine edge and sass, the choppy bob with straight bangs is sure to make a statement. Providing your mane with straight-across bangs and choppy strands that work to contrast the round shape of your face, this look allows you to flaunt a faux-contoured look for a slim-looking visage.

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9. Shag Bob

One thing we love about the shag haircut is the abundance of layers it offers. Since you’re working with a round face, these layers work in your favor to give you a more angular and structured look. Amp up your ‘do with a bit of texturizing spray for a boost of fullness.

10. A-Line Bob With Layers and Waves

The A-line bob with layers and waves is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone. Boasting longer strands at the front and shorter strands at the back, this haircut provides movement and body while adding a bit of length to your face. Basically, it’s everything you could want from a short haircut for round faces. 

11. Short Bob With Highlights

Short hair with highlights is a great way to flatter your round face since highlights can help to contour the roundness of your face by bringing attention to your favorite features. 

12. Asymmetrical Crop Cut

This angled cut works to soften the roundness of your face shape by giving your look a more chiseled finish. Whether you’re working with straight, curly or wavy texture, this short haircut looks amazing on everyone.

13. Wavy Lob

There is no denying that the long bob deserves a spot on this list of short hairstyles for round faces. With a little more length than a traditional bob, this haircut gives the illusion of a longer face while the waves enhance the entire look. Grab a curl cream like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-in Conditioner to define your natural waves without weighing them down.

14. Layered Lob

Why not take the lob hairstyle a step further with a layered style? Layers complement texture and help to add movement and angles for a well-rounded look — no pun intended.

15. Bixie Cut With Angled Bang

If you can’t resist the trendy pixie cut, get ready to put your own spin on the classic style with the bixie cut. The part pixie, part bob style paired with long angled bangs will help to balance your features and do your round face justice.

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16. Wavy Pixie With Undercut

Fancy the idea of a pixie cut, but don’t have the time to spend styling your strands? It’s time to put a wavy pixie with an undercut on your radar. Offering the best of both worlds, this haircut allows you to embrace the ultimate cool-girl aesthetic without adopting a high-maintenance styling routine.

17. Short Razored Pixie With a Side Part

The side-parted razored pixie is an undeniably stylish option. This haircut provides height at the back of your head, contrasting lengths and a side part — all of which come together to give your face visual length for a super flattering look. This is also a great option for anyone with fine hair as it can liven up flat strands.

18. Lob With Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a go-to hairstyle for a reason. They’re flirty, easy to create, and super flattering on all hair types. The wavy texture gives your face a slimmer look and the jaw length helps to soften a round face.

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Edited by: Reece Andavolgyi, Photo by: iStock

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