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The Octopus Haircut Is Kind Of Weird — and We Love It

Step aside wolf cut, this chop is taking over.
January 24, 2022


Over the last few years, hairstyles like curtain bangs and wolf haircuts have reached viral status on TikTok. The mega-popular social platform has been home to hair and makeup trends alike, and it’s not slowing down in terms of being a source of inspiration for the beauty industry. This fact is made evident by the latest hair trend sweeping the platform and garnering attention in many corners of the internet: the octopus haircut. While the name might lead you to believe that it’s nothing but a wacky fad that will lose popularity just as quickly as it gained it, hear us out. 

What’s the Octopus Haircut? 

The name itself can make your head go to eight different places trying to imagine it, but it doesn’t totally resemble a sea creature and it isn’t all that different from other hairstyles that we know and love. Characterized by lots of layers up top with thinner, longer layers at the bottom that loosely resemble octopus tentacles, it’s a modern take on a shag cut. The top section is voluminous and heavily layered with a fairly distinct separation from the lengths of the hair. It features tons of texture, pieciness and flipped ends 一 and it can be created on a variety of different hair types and lengths. It looks bold and edgy with a hint of ethereal whimsy, which is really hard to pull off but is stunning if you nail it.   

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Who Is the Octopus Haircut Best For? 

If you’re wondering whether or not the octopus haircut is right for you, there are a few things to consider. First, take the length of your hair into account. You’ll need to have medium hair that hits at least right above your shoulders, or long hair to get the full effects of the look. If the hair is too short, the layers won’t resemble the signature “tentacles” and it could end up looking like a bad shullet. If you’re all about a voluminous style, it’s a great option for you because the layers create tons of movement and body. 

Another key component of the style is the flipped, style ends of the hair that add to the movement. Because of this, it’s best suited for people with straight or wavy hair that can be styled with flipped ends. If you have curly hair, you might need to straighten or blow it out to see the effects of the cut. Keep in mind that you prefer a wash and go hairstyle that you won’t need to put any effort into, this isn’t going to be the best option for you. 

If you’re willing to take a few minutes to blow out your hair, simply apply a heat protectant like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Weightless Blow Dry Primer, Heat Protectant to damp hair and use a round brush to blow it out and flip your ends. 

What to Ask Your Stylist for If You Want an Octopus Haircut 

The best thing you can do when opting for a new style is to show your stylist inspiration photos. Show them a variety of different takes on the trend and explain what you do and don’t like about each one. For example, if you want a more dramatic look, you might ask for a more drastic separation between the full, layered top section and the lengths of your hair.

If you prefer a more subtle take on the style, ask your stylist to blend the layers to create less of a distinction between the top and bottom of the hair. Many stylists will be familiar with the octopus cut as it rises in popularity, but in case they aren’t, show them photos and ask for an ultra-layered shaggy cut. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: IG/

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