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How to Style Micro Bangs

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How to Style Micro Bangs How to Style Micro Bangs How to Style Micro Bangs

Your favorite celebrities have tried them and runway models can’t get enough of them. We’re talking about micro bangs. These super-short bangs barely reach an inch or two down your forehead—and they’re seriously stylish. While bangs are popular in their own right, snipping them into a micro length can be intimidating. Here, learn how to determine if you should get micro bangs and find tips for styling them once you’ve made the cut.

How to Decide if Micro Bangs Are Right for You

Getting a trim is a pretty simple hair decision—but snipping your way to micro bangs is not. If you’re a spur of the moment kind of gal, taking the micro bangs plunge may be a no-brainer for you. But if you like to think things through a little more when it comes to your hair, consider the following four points before scheduling your next haircut.

1. You’ll need to take your hair type into account. Do you want your micro bangs to look blunt or messy? Depending on your hair type, you need to consider which cut will be easiest to manage. Typically, straight-haired ladies fare best with blunt micro bangs, while textured hair pairs better with a choppy fringe. If you have super-straight hair, your bangs may require less heat styling and management in general. If you have coarser, textured hair, blow-drying is probably going to be unavoidable.

2. Blunt micro bangs will require blow-drying. Whereas choppy bangs can be air dried (since they’re meant to look a bit disheveled), blunt bangs should be blow-dried to ensure that they lay flat.

3. Micro bangs are probably a lot shorter than you think. So, you see a picture of a girl rocking the miniature fringe and you’re all about it, but what’s it really like? While micro bangs look short on others, you may not realize just how tiny they are until you have them yourself.

4. This style requires a major commitment. Micro bangs aren’t a roll-out-of-bed and head to work type of cut. Instead, you may find you need to watch how you sleep on them and style them meticulously each and every day to look presentable.

Styling Tips for Micro Bangs

So, you’ve decided to go through with it and get micro bangs? Congrats on your new look! To help you manage your new micro bangs, follow the tips below and you’ll be out the door looking cool-girl chic.

Styling tip #1: Use a boar bristle brush. This type of brush can help smooth your hair. If you brush your micro bangs and find that they look and lay smooth, feel free to skip the hot tools and go about your day.

Styling tip #2: Sleep with a silk headband on. If you shower and style your micro bangs at night, sleep with a silk headband on to help keep your bangs laying flat. Without the headband, rolling around in bed could provoke your micro bangs to set in the wrong direction, which can make them harder to style come morning.

Styling tip #3: Purchase a mini flat iron. Micro bangs are miniature—and with hairs that short, it can be pretty difficult to flat iron them. That’s where a mini flat iron comes in. The slim, small shape allows you to reach even the tiniest hairs.

Styling tip #4: Don’t forget hairspray. A light, flexible hairspray, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Fine Control Hairspray, can be magic for your micro bangs. Spritz it onto your bangs to help set your style without weighing your hair down.

Styling tip #5: Make sure you have dry shampoo on hand. Bangs are such a small area of hair that they can show oil quicker than the rest of your head—especially since they lay on your forehead. Enter dry shampoo. Use the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo to help absorb excess oil between shampoos.

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