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How To Get A Cherry Blossom Hair Color

A new hair color just bloomed.

If you’re looking to try out a sweet hair color trend this summer, cherry blonde hair might be your match. It’s the perfect hair color idea for blondes who want to see if it’s redheads that actually have more fun. Below, we’re sharing what makes this color special along with three different ways to achieve it. 

What Is Cherry Blonde Hair? 

So, what exactly is cherry blonde hair? This trendy hue features a combination of red and blonde tones for a gorgeous light auburn or copper hair color with subtle hints of pink. There are many different variations of the color, so it’s totally customizable based on the look you’re going for. 

What stays the same is an equal mix of blonde and pinky-red throughout your mane. Whether you opt for a red base and blonde highlights, a rooted cherry blonde look, or something in-between is totally your call.

If you're wondering how this shade differs from strawberry blonde, cherry blonde is a bit deeper and more pink in tone. 

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