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How to Find the Best Rainbow-Colored Hair Hue for You

Hair Color Trends

How to Find the Best Rainbow-Colored Hair Hue for You How to Find the Best Rainbow-Colored Hair Hue for You How to Find the Best Rainbow-Colored Hair Hue for You

If you’re looking to change up your hair with a color that’s going to make a statement, then all we have to say is: What a time to be alive! The rainbow hair trend is going strong with no evidence of slowing down. What that means for you: Now is as good a time as any to saturate your strands for a truly head-turning ‘do!

But where should you start? What color should you choose? Since deciding between blonde, brunette, and red can be tough enough as it is, trying to figure out which rainbow shade will complement your complexion is no easy task. To eliminate the added stress, we’ve designed the perfect crash course in undertones in order to deliver your hair your best color yet. Follow along!

Skin Tone 101: How to Determine Your Undertones

First off, it’s important to understand the different appearances of cool versus warm hair shades. Once you understand cool and warm undertones, you’ll be better equipped to select the most flattering rainbow hue for your hair. Ready to get in the know? Follow these simple steps to determine your skin’s undertones:

1. Keep an eye out for specific colors. If you have pink, red, or bluish undertones, congratulations: You have cool-toned skin! If you have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones, warm-toned skin describes you best. Have a little bit of both? You’re neutral!

2. Flip your wrist. On the inside of your wrist, you’ll see an array of veins. What color are yours? Blue and purple point to cool-toned skin, while green typically means you’re on the warmer side.

3. Peep your peepers. Eyes can be a telltale sign of undertones, too! If you have golden specks in your eyes, there’s a good chance you’re on the warmer end of the skin tone spectrum, while blue and green eyes tend to illustrate cooler hues.

How to Choose the Perfect Rainbow Shade

Now that you understand your skin tone a little better, it’s time to determine which rainbow hue is right for you. First things first, it’s important to always pick a tone that’s on the opposite side of the color spectrum from your skin’s undertones. Put simply: Cooler undertones should opt for warmer hair colors, while warm undertones will flatter in cooler shades. As for the neutral-locked ladies of the world, you’re the lucky ones because just about any color will look fabulous on you.

Once you have your color scheme in mind, next comes the level of saturation that will look best with your complexion. As a rule of thumb, the darker your skin tone, the more saturated you want your color to be. That’s because a paler version of whatever color you choose might risk washing out your complexion—and that’s certainly not what you’re aiming for.

Ready to find your perfect rainbow match? Here’s your foolproof guide:

The Best Rainbow Shades for Cool Undertones

If you have fair skin…Since your skin tone will reflect the hair color that you choose, it’s best to opt for a light pink or peach to really make your facial features pop.

If you have medium skin…Like we said, the darker your skin, the more saturated you want your tones to be. So, if you’re a tanned goddess, don’t be shy about reaching for vibrant jewel tones like fuchsia, magenta, or even burgundy.

If you have dark skin… If you’re really trying to rev up the wow factor, ask your stylist to coat your locks with a vivid violet hue.

The Best Rainbow Shades for Warm Undertones

If you have fair skin…Does your skin glow with golden undertones despite being on the fairer side? If so, light blues and purples are the perfect pick for you! Light lavender, anyone? Talk about gorg!

If you have medium skin…Just because you have warm undertones doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the jewel-toned trend, too. Instead of reaching for red-hued jewel tones, opt for aqua blue and emerald green. Talk about mermaid-y!

If you have dark skin...When it comes to dark skin with warm undertones, darker hair colors can really look stunning. Think about reaching for a pretty plum shade.

Excited to rock the rainbow? Be sure to look up stylists in your area who specialize in non-natural hues to make the most of your mane. If sitting in a salon all day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can try the trend from the comfort of your own home. Pick up the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color, available in a variety of colors for blondes and brunettes. It’s time to paint the rainbow!