hair color ideas Mane Changer: 4 Ways to Pull Off Pastel Pink Hair

Check out these mini tutorials to get the look.

April 25, 2022
How To Get Pastel Pink Hair


When you think of spring hair colors there are a few hair color trends that first come to mind and we bet if you’re anything like us pastels are at the top of that list. Pastel pink, namely, is a warm weather (and cold weather, to be honest) hair color that we love because it looks so good on every skin tone, it brightens up any look and it signifies that you have a fun, possibly even cheerful, side to you.


No matter your disposition, it’s a stunning hair color that will turn heads and there are so many options for how to wear it. You can use a light pink hair dye to give yourself a total mane makeover — one that’s in season year-round — or opt for subtle soft rose lowlights. There are no limits. If you’re ready to be powerful in pink hair this season, check out these four looks we love and the at-home hair dye that you can use to get them.


Pastel Pink Balayage

Why we love it: A swept-on pastel pink lets your new color blend so seamlessly with your natural shade, the pink hue is the only giveaway that it wasn’t created by sun kisses. It’s bold, fun and playful in the best way. Pair it with cherry blossom-inspired makeup for a true monochromatic beauty look.