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Red Carpet Nail Art Trend: Multi-Colored Manicures

September 15, 2013

Multi-colored manicures are the go-to look for any and every celebrity on the red carpet right now. Everyone from Eva Longoria to Little Mix have been rocking A LOT of bright nail polish lately! What's all the fuss about?

Colorful manicures that incorporate several different nail polish shades always make for a very individual look. In fact, there aren't many better ways to help show off your personality on your nails!

The best thing of all where multi-colored manicures are concerned is the fact that the amount of possible color combinations is (pretty much) infinite! This makes it nearly impossible to get bored or look boring.

Feeling inspired yet?

If you want to try a multi-colored manicure, there are a few very easy ways to do it. You can go for a look with five different colors on each hand, one for each nail in a pattern that you then repeat on hand number two. Alternatively, you can use ten different colors, one for each finger.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you could also try a two-tone look with contrasting colors on each nail.

This means painting your nail one bright shade and then using tape to section off half of it diagonally, horizontally or vertically - it's up to you. After that, paint the non-taped half a different color, peel off the tape with a pair of tweezers and apply a top coat once it's dry.

Which look will you choose?

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