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The Best Winter Nail Trends

December 21, 2020

If you’re searching for a way to get creative with your look this winter (especially with recent city shutdowns causing bouts of boredom), nail art is an easy way to express yourself. There’s nothing like having a nice, shiny set of polished nails to make you feel renewed. And if you're nail obsessed like us, you’ll fall in love with the latest nail trends. Don’t worry if you’re new to the at-home manicure game, with creative press-ons growing in popularity, indulging in fun nail art is as easy as popping them on with a little nail glue. Below, check out some of the beautiful nail trends we can’t wait to try this winter.

Pop Art Nails 

Candy colors are a sure way to capture anyone’s attention and keep you in a bright mood no matter how dreary the winter days get. An added touch of black around the edges gives any design a fun 3-D look.

Black + White Graphic Nails 

This classic combo is the perfect inspiration for anyone who doesn’t prefer flashy colors but still wants to have fun with their manicure.

Negative Space Nails 

Smiley faces, polka dots, and stripes are just a few of the charming designs you can marry with negative space. It’s a simple yet fun way to spruce up your nails. Do try this at home.

Mismatched Nails 

Mismatched nails are one of the most popular trends right now. If you’re looking for a chic way to stand out, try alternating colors and designs at your next nail appointment.

Foil Nails 

“One of the easiest ways to have fun with nails this season is to use glitter as an accent nail or go all in and paint all 10 nails” says manicurist and celebrity nail artist Mimi D. “If you’re feeling adventurous, try using foils. If you don’t have the special glue to apply foil, try using a sticky base coat or wait until your polish is 70 percent dry, press the foil on lightly and quickly remove. You can also try press-ons, which are easily removable and reusable if you take care of them.”

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