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The Best Makeup Hashtags to Follow and Post With

May 22, 2019

While the days of following YouTube tutorials to create an on-trend makeup look aren’t completely behind us, there’s a new way social media is inspiring makeup devotees. We’re talking about makeup hashtags on Instagram! It’s no secret that this picture and video-based platform has become one of the biggest sources of beauty inspiration, and now you can follow specific hashtags to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends.

Beyond using hashtags to get inspired, you can also use them on your own posts to help people see the great makeup content you have on your feed. But which hashtags should you be using? You may know which accounts to follow and how to take a great picture, but hashtags are a whole other ballgame. Keep reading for 12 makeup hashtags for Instagram, as well as 12 other beauty hashtags you can use to spark your creativity and bring more eyes to your feed.


From complete beauty transformations to cut creases sharper than a knife, the #dressyourface hashtag serves up some serious looks. The hashtag primarily showcases expertly blended eye shadow looks, though you’ll also find face makeup, lip makeup, and product recs mixed into the more than 4 million posts featuring this hashtag.


Calling all makeup addicts! The #makeupaddict hashtag is (literally) made for you. Featuring a mixture of looks, makeup flat lays, and swatches, it’s no wonder that this hashtag has over 26 million posts to date.


Anyone who is a fan of #OOTD posts will love the #makeupoftheday hashtag. In a nutshell, this hashtag is meant for those who want to showcase their daily makeup look and features over 11 million posts. You’ll find everything from aesthetic makeup looks to perfectly crafted no makeup, makeup looks here!


With over 20 million posts, #instamakeup is one of the most popular makeup hashtags on the ‘gram. Here, you’ll be able to "like" colorful eye makeup looks, eyeshadow palette reviews, and more. Be sure to include this hashtag on your posts to get in on the fun!


Turn to the #wakeupandmakeup hashtag for all the makeup inspo. The hashtag includes over 17 million posts ranging from creative eye makeup looks to swatches that deserve some serious heart-eyes.


Want to level up your makeup looks? Start exploring the #makeuplife hashtag for fresh and head-turning ways to do just that. A great option for getting insight on the hottest makeup trends and techniques, we’re sure you’ll find just what you want and need thanks to its 7 million posts.


If you’re determined to polish and master new makeup techniques, it may be worth checking out the #makeupvideos hashtag. Filled with almost 3 million videos that consist of both cut crease tutorials and costume makeup, you’ll be able to add a few more tricks up your sleeve and diversify your skills.


Whether you’re looking for subtle makeup inspiration for your special day or are game for achieving a glamorous beauty beat, the #makeupwedding hashtag won’t steer you wrong. Since weddings are different across all of the cultures, there are over 5 million makeup looks to choose from, meaning there’s an option out there that will fall right in line with the theme of your big day.


For those who love to connect with other makeup-obsessed individuals, the #makeupparty hashtag is where it’s at. Simply put, this hashtag offers over 4 million eye-catching looks and makeup hacks that will tickle your fancy.


Every makeup lover knows that there is no better way to get the scoop on trendy looks than by tapping into the expert knowledge of makeup artists. The #makeupartist hashtag provides the best beauty tips from professional makeup artists and aspiring talent. This uber-popular hashtag is filled with over 80 million posts that will have you glued to your feed all day long.


There is always a great makeup idea that can add extra oomph you need to your beauty look. So, it’s no surprise that the #makeupideas hashtag is jam-packed with almost 6 million ways for you to step outside of the box with your makeup. Not to mention, it’s a great way to share your own expertise with the world.


Last but not least, click the follow button on the #makeupobsessed hashtag! With over 3 million posts, you’ll find everything from egg makeup looks (seriously) to product hauls.


Now that you know what makeup hashtags to follow on Instagram, you may be wondering if there are other beauty-related hashtags you should be keeping up with. Below, we’re sharing 12 more beauty hashtags—from hair color to skin care—to use on Instagram!


Who doesn’t love a balayage transformation? As one of the most popular hair highlighting techniques over the past few years, it seems that balayage has only become more popular with time! With over 5 hundred thousand posts, it’s not a bad idea to follow #balayagedandpainted for the next time you’re looking for hair color ideas.


We love a good #shelfie, and you’ll find plenty among the over 1 million posts included in the #skincareaddict hashtag! You’ll also find some adorable skin care fridge photo ops and product reviews.


Want to see and share more than hair color inspiration? For all things hair related, click the follow button on the #hairofinstagram hashtag. The 5 million-plus posts include photos of envy-worthy hairstyles, trendy cuts, and bold hair colors.


We love a good beauty hack, and so does everyone who follows the #skincaretips hashtag. With more than 1 million posts, your feed will soon be populated with everything from DIYs to product recs.


Have curly hair? You need to be using the #curlyhairdontcare hashtag on your posts. You can also scroll through tagged posts for a mix of curly hair care routines, hairstyles for curly hair, and serious curl inspo amongst the more than 2 million posts. Just don’t be surprised if you get major curl envy after scrolling!


We mentioned shelfies before, but they definitely deserve a hashtag all their own—and lucky for us (and you), there is one! The #skincareshelfie hashtag has over 12 thousand posts that will have you rushing to revamp your skin care organization.


Looking for ways to get more in tune with your textured strands? The #naturalhair hashtag is a great place to start. Just shy of 25 million posts, you’ll be able to learn all about styling techniques, hair care tips, and tutorials to teach you the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy-looking mane. It truly doesn’t get much better than this!


Why not learn about must-have skin care products and share some of your favorites? That’s what the #skincarejunkie hashtag brings to the table. Featuring over 1 million posts, this hashtag serves as an excellent guide to help you give your skin the attention it deserves.


As much as you may love your locks, your mane may be calling for a makeover. This is where the #hairtransformation hashtag comes into play. With almost 3 million posts to sift through, you’ll be able to lock down inspiration, no matter your hair texture or length.


With hair transformations in mind, a new hair color can be a fun way to switch up your look. If you’re ready to take the plunge, the #hairdye hashtag will take you on a journey as you explore its 5 million posts and counting.


If you ask us, there is no better hair compliment than hearing that you’re serving up a strong dose of hair goals. The #hairgoals hashtag has a little over 12 million posts that serve as the perfect inspiration for your next mane look. When you’re ready to share your ‘do with the world, you can also deem your own strands to be hair goals and use the hashtag to boost your confidence.


Let’s be honest: Like us, you’re likely always looking for ways to fine-tune your skin care routine. After all, healthy-looking and radiant skin is the ultimate goal. Check out the #skincareroutine hashtag for a collection of quotes, skin tips, and treatments that can get your complexion where you want it.

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