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How to Create an Aesthetic Makeup Look

March 15, 2019

From your Instagram feed to your makeup look, nowadays it seems that just about everything can be—and is being—molded to fit your own personal aesthetic. And what’s not to love about a little personalization? Whether you’re feeling goth vibes or are all about the peachy makeup trend, it’s easy to customize an aesthetic makeup look that fits you. Keep reading to learn how to create an aesthetic makeup look—three different ways.


You may be wondering, “What exactly is aesthetic makeup?” As we hinted above, aesthetic makeup is all about creating a makeup look that fits your personal vibe. And while you may have an aesthetic you tend to gravitate toward each day, you can totally switch up your aesthetic whenever and however you please! For your makeup look to qualify as aesthetic, it only needs to suit you and your style and be totally Instagrammable. If you wouldn’t want to take a picture of it, it probably isn’t aesthetic makeup!


Calling all summer babes—this one’s for you. What better way to embrace your love for sunshine than a sunflower aesthetic makeup look?

Step #1: Apply foundation

As with any makeup look, you should start by creating a flawless base for the rest of your makeup. Use the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Super Blendable Makeup for medium coverage that matches your skin’s tone and texture.

Step #2: Add some color

Create a natural flush by adding a bit of neutral blush to the apples of your cheeks. You’ll want to stick with a subtle, barely-there shade like the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Blush Makeup in Bashful.

Step #3: Make it dewy

Give your complexion a radiant look by applying the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops to the tip of your nose, your cheekbones, and your cupid’s bow. Hello, glow-getter!

Step #4: Grab your shadow

To really drive home the sunflower aesthetic you’re going for, you’ll want to focus on yellow eye makeup. First, use a pale yellow shade—like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Matte Chill—as the base for your look, applying it all over your lids. Then, place a white shade—like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Petite Perle—on your inner corner to help brighten up your eyes. Complete your eye shadow by deepening your crease with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Eternal Sunshine. Apply this same golden yellow shade along your lower lash line. 

Editor’s note: Prefer something more geometric? You can also use a yellow eyeliner to create a graphic shape on your lids. 

Step #5: Line your eyes

Brighten your eyes even more by applying a nude eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude, to your waterline. 

Step #6: Coat your fringe

Grab some mascara and give your lashes a few coats to enhance their volume and length!

Step #7: Grab a lip gloss

This sunflower aesthetic makeup look calls for a glossy pout. Coat your lips with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in Dulce De Leche for a subtle, shiny lip. 

Bonus step: Draw on faux freckles

Believe it or not, faux freckles are a trend that’s super popular for aesthetic makeup! If you want to take your look up another notch, here’s How to Fake Freckles with Makeup. Consider making your faux freckles metallic for an extra dose of fun.


Peachy makeup has been seriously trendy as of late, and now there’s an aesthetic take on the trend. Keep reading to get the look. 

Step #1: Perfect your complexion

There are few things more aesthetically pleasing than a flawless, even complexion. Perfect your skin by applying the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation, Lightweight with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender. This foundation will give your skin lightweight, full coverage for a fresh, healthy-looking complexion.

Step #2: Make it peachy

Accent your complexion with a peach hue by applying a peach blush to the apples of your cheeks. Take your pick from the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Blush Makeup in Just Curious or the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Blush in Barely Blushing.

Step #3: Grab your highlighter

Add some glow to your look by applying a highlighter, like the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder, to the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.

Step #4: Color your lids

Continue to amp up the peachy vibes with some eye shadow! Use the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette, which has quite a few peach shades to choose from. Pick one up on an eye shadow brush and dust your lids with a wash of peach. Buff the color out with a blending brush for a seamless look. 

Step #5: Coat your lashes

Reach for your favorite mascara—we’re currently loving the L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Lash Lifting and Lengthening Washable Mascara—and apply a few coats to add some volume and length to your lashes.

Step #6: Define your brows

This peachy look calls for defined, brushed up brows. Use the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Shape & Fill Mechanical PencilL’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Mechanical Pencil, and L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara in Clear to get the look. Think you might need a more in-depth tutorial? Here’s How to Get Brushed Up Eyebrows.

Step #7: Paint your pout

Complete your peachy aesthetic makeup look with a swipe of the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick Shine Lipstick in Glossy Fawn.


More of a grunge gal? There’s an aesthetic makeup look for that, too!

Step #1: Grab your foundation

First things first, you want to give yourself a flawless, glowing complexion. Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation to do just that.

Step #2: Define your eyebrows

What’s a grunge aesthetic makeup look without thick, defined brows? Take the L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel and use the doe foot applicator to fill in any sparse areas. Then, use the angled brush to outline and sharpen your brow shape. Finish your eyebrow makeup by combing through your brows with the included spoolie for a seamless, blended look.

Step #3: Apply your eye shadow

When it comes to your eye makeup, you want to start with an eye shadow shade that’s darker and bolder. We love a deep crimson, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Acro-Matte, for this look. Swipe this hue over your lids, then apply the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Matte It Up to your crease to help blend out the darker color.

Step #4: Line your eyes

Use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Black to line along your lower and upper lash lines for a soft yet defined look. Feel free to gently smudge out your liner and really lean into the grunge aesthetic.

Step #5: Grab your mascara

Round out your eyes with a few coats of the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara in Blackest Black.

Step #6: Color your lips

Last but not least, you’ll want to paint your pout with a neutral, medium brown hue. This will complement your grunge aesthetic while still keeping your makeup look totally wearable. Try the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Ultra Matte Highly Pigmented Nude Lipstick in Cutting Edge Cork for total ‘90s grunge vibes.

You know what else is aesthetically pleasing? Perfectly organized products! Next, learn How to Organize Your Skin Care Products.

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