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How to Fix Bad Makeup Without Starting Over

March 06, 2020

Bad makeup can catch you totally by surprise. You’re partway through a stunning makeup look, only for your hand to slip and your winged eyeliner to end up gliding across your cheek instead of your lid. Isn’t that the worst? If you’ve fallen victim to a makeup mishap, we feel for you. Before you reach for a makeup remover to wipe your face clean and start from scratch, we have some good news to share: Makeup mistakes don’t mean you have to start over! In fact, with the right tips, tricks, and products, you can move along with your makeup routine as though nothing happened. Want to learn more? Read on to find out how to fix bad makeup without going back to square one.


Whether you’re using an older tube or are stuck with a clumping formula, it’s safe to say most of us would rather steer clear of clumpy mascara. Of course, while your ultimate goal may be a clump-free fringe, somethings are easier said than done. So, how does one go about fixing clumpy mascara without redoing their perfectly applied eye makeup? It’s as easy as one, two—and that’s it!

Step #1. Grab a spoolie. You’ll need a new, clean spoolie to banish clumps once and for all. Wet it ever so slightly with a bit of water, or if you’re using a waterproof mascara, a small amount of makeup remover will do the trick.

Step #2. Comb and de-clump. Starting at the base of your fringe, gently comb the spoolie through your lashes, wiggling as you go to catch any clumps as you brush through your lashes from base to tip. Clumps? What clumps?


Another common mascara mishap is smudging product on your lids. Probably not the eyeshadow look you were going for, no? Luckily, a bit of mascara gone astray doesn’t mean your expert blending needs to be redone.

Step #1. Grab a cotton swab. Dip a cotton swab in a bit of micellar water, like the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof - All Skin Types.

Step #2. Remove any smudged mascara. Carefully trace the cotton swab over any trace of smudged mascara on your lid, taking your time as to not remove eyeshadow where it isn’t necessary.

Step #3. Fix your eyeshadow. Using a small eyeshadow brush, carefully pack on color if needed to fill in any gaps you may have created.


It’s no secret that winged eyeliner can be tricky. If you’re a winged eyeliner newbie, you’ve probably done your fair share of overdrawing eyeliner, only to refuse to leave the house with such disastrous wings. Here’s what to do.

Step #1. Use micellar water. Dip a cotton swab in micellar water and carefully trace over the problematic eyeliner to remove it.

Step #2. Dab it dry. Gently press a tissue or blotting paper on the spot you just removed liner from to ensure there’s no oily residue left behind.

Step #3. Fix your wing. Might we suggest using the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Flash Cat Eye Waterproof Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner this time around? With its removable wing stencil, you can create precise, even wings every time.


Foundation looking uneven and cakey? No thanks! If you’re guilty of over-applying foundation and aren’t sure what to do to fix it, we have you covered.

Step #1. Dampen a makeup blender. You know what to do—put the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender under the faucet, then squeeze out any excess water, so it’s only damp.

Step #2. Stipple and blend. Bounce the damp makeup blender over your face to blend out any cakey areas of foundation. Take your time doing so until you achieve a seamless finish.

Editor’s tip: Next time, consider using a lightweight foundation, as these formulas can help prevent a cakey appearance.


Midway through the day and notice your concealer has creased underneath your eyes? We have a feeling that isn’t the look you were going for.

Step #1. Smooth out your concealer. Use your pointer finger to smooth under-eye concealer creases.

Step #2. Apply a powder. Using a makeup blender, pack a translucent setting powder under your eyes to set your concealer and prevent future creases from forming.


Packed too much color onto your cheeks? We have a trick up our sleeve for that!

Option #1. Use a loose powder. Take a bit of loose powder, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Tinted Loose Setting Powder, on a fluffy brush and sweep it over your complexion to tone down overdone blush or bronzer.

Option #2. Use leftover foundation. If you have a bit of foundation left on your makeup blender, bounce it on top of your blush or bronzer to help it appear subtler.


Got a little too excited when boosting your brow look? If you’re currently rocking super unnatural-looking brows and wondering what to do about it, you’ve come to the right place.

Step #1. Grab a spoolie. Brush your spoolie through your brows to blend the product and create a softer, more even brow look. If you’ve really caked on brow product, consider using a damp spoolie to remove excess brow pencil or gel. That’s it!

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