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This Lip Gloss and Balm Hybrid Deserves a Permanent Spot In Your Makeup Bag

It’s the current MVP in our lip gloss collections.
March 02, 2022
Glow Paradise Balm In Gloss

If you’re anything like us, you try to keep the contents of your bag to a minimum 一 except for the massive host of lip products you keep on hand to ensure you’re prepared for anything. What if you catch a glance of yourself in a nearby mirror and notice how washed out you’re looking? A fun lipstick color will help with that. Got ultra-dry lips? One of the four hydrating lip balms in your bag should remedy that. Feeling like your pout could use some extra plump? Your go-to shiny lip gloss will do just the trick. 

And while we’ll never argue against having an array of lip products in your collection (the more the merrier to us), the truth is no one wants a stash of makeup items weighing down their bag. That’s exactly why we’ve fallen hard for the L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Lip Balm-in-Gloss Pomegranate Extract. It’s a hybrid product that covers the essential bases and so much more. Keep reading to learn three reasons why it’s bound to replace the assortment of lip products in your bag and claim the spot of the last man standing. 

It Has a Nourishing Formula 

There’s no beauty catastrophe quite like being out and about and feeling your lips get more and more dry as the day goes on 一 and not having a soothing product on hand. This balm and gloss hybrid contains nourishing pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the lips and keep them feeling soft and comfortable. 

It provides the soothing feeling of a traditional lip balm with the luster of a gloss 一 sans the stickiness. It also layers seamlessly, meaning that when it’s time to reapply, it doesn’t gunk up or create tackiness. 


It Adds a Mess-Free Pop Of Color to the Lips

It’s great to have a lip product on hand that will instantly add a wash of color to your complexion 一 but many lip products that are rich in color require a mirror to apply them if you’re aiming to stay within your lip lines and achieve an even application. The infinity applicator has a pointed tip which makes it easy to stay within your lip lines and define your lip shape with precision.

While this formula comes in vibrant shades of magenta and rose, even the most pigmented hues can be applied without a mirror. 

Because it can be built up to your desired saturation, you don’t need to be quite as careful when applying it as you would need to be with something like a red lipstick


It’s Versatile 

If you’re aiming to keep just one product in your purse, it better be one that hits the major marks like a comfortable formula and a pretty wash of color. But a pick that can be used to achieve multiple looks is important, too. 

This lip gloss balm can provide a hint of color and shine perfect for a no makeup makeup look, and it can be amped up to create a more intense look with an ultra-glossy finish and bolder color. No matter what occasion pops up or what your pout is in need of, you can create a lustrous look and soft, pillowy lips. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn

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