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The 9 Best Tips on Where to Put Blush

It’s for more than just your cheeks.
July 12, 2023


In beauty, there are no rules — okay, maybe there are a few. Things like, only using eye-safe mascara on your lashes and keeping track of your open makeup's expiration date. Safety rules like this are good to keep in mind to protect your skin from irritation and potential allergic reactions, recommends the Cleveland Clinic

However, in the world of blush, the only rules that matter are whichever ones you create. No matter the formulation — liquid, cream or powder — blush is a versatile product that reaches far beyond its intended purpose of tinting cheekbones with color. 

From a quick lip tint to a matching cheek and eyeshadow moment, thinking outside the compact can turn a basic blush into a makeup multitasker. Grab your favorite blush (or two), your makeup application tool of choice — this can be a dedicated brush, a beauty sponge or even your fingers — and test out these trendy blush hacks that put this beauty staple to good use.
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How Do You Apply Face Blush?

Blush is traditionally applied to the cheeks to add a flush of color that brightens up the face and adds a temporary glow. Blush application will vary depending on your face shape, the look you’re trying to achieve and your overall preference. You can blend a bright strip of pink across your cheeks and up into the brow bone using the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Blush in Fearless Coral for an electrifying '80s-inspired blush. Or, using your fingers, pat a shimmery blush like the L’Oreal Paris Summer Belle Blush Please! in Blushin’ in Saint Tropez across the nose and cheeks to recreate the TikTok-loved e-girl look. That’s the beauty of blush and makeup, there are so many generations of trends to take inspiration from that you can truly do whatever you want for a personalized beauty look.

Where Can You Put Blush Besides Cheeks?

1. Sweep on as Eyeshadow

Whether you’re on the go or just looking for a monochromatic makeup look, use blush as a makeshift eyeshadow to eliminate clutter in your makeup bag and embrace a natural look. Similar to eyeshadow, blush comes in a variety of colors with the more popular shades coming from warm-toned pinks and oranges that pop against light complexions and cool-toned plums and reds that blend beautifully into darker skin tones. When using a color close to your skin's natural undertones, an eye-safe blush on your eyelids and cheeks will create a flushed look that gives the illusion that your skin is just like that. 

2. Create a Lip Tint

Imagine this: You have a product that’s the perfect color for your lips, the only problem is it’s not a lip color — it’s blush. That’s an easy fix that only takes two products. You can achieve this makeup hack by using a cream blush or liquid blush, however, a non-drying powder formula can also work to create a stunning pigment on the lips. Start by applying a coat of clear lip balm to add moisture to the lips, then lightly press the blush into your lips using your fingertips to create a subtle tint. For added shine, top it off with a non-sticky gloss like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Gloss Plump in Mirror which is infused with hyaluronic acid to make lips feel smoother and more nourished. Another alternative is to use a dedicated multi-use product like the L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Lip and Cheek Tint which is formulated to be safely used on the lips and cheeks without drying out the skin or clogging pores. 

3. Highlight the Neckline

Don’t be afraid to draw some attention below your cheeks by adding a bit of blush to your chest. If you’re on TikTok or Instagram then you’ve probably scrolled past beauty enthusiasts contouring their décolletage with bronzer, highlighter and blush. This beauty hack is used to add dimensions and definition to the chest, and in some cases, as a way to cover up discoloration below your neckline. 

Contouring can take a lot of work so you can skip the bronzer and highlighter portion and just apply a few strokes of a satin blush on the skin where the collarbone is and in a curved direction around the chest (if you want to emphasize that area — no matter the size). We recommend using the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush with Camellia Oil in Amber for a subtle glow on the skin that stays radiant with the addition of camellia oil that adds a hint of moisture to the surface of the delicate skin on your chest.

4. Accentuate the Nose

While it used to be a face makeup faux pas, when used correctly a light dusting of blush over your nose is actually encouraged. By adding blush to the tip of your nose, you can create a refreshed look like you just woke up or sat in the sun for a few hours (without any sunburn or skin damage). Instead of using a standard rosy blush, try a glowy shade like the L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush in Tender Rose that creates a bronze makeup look (no matter the time of year) by blending with the skin's natural tone and adding pigment for a natural look.  

5. Color Correct Under Eyes

Color-correcting concealers are a must-have if you’re looking for coverage of your dark spots, dark circles or uneven skin tone. Whenever you’re in a pinch and don’t have a dedicated color-correcting product, utilize a red blush and regular concealer to counteract blemishes. To cover up dark circles under the eyes, apply a red blush to the area, making sure to pack on the color. The red hue will help counteract the blueish tint of any unwanted dark circles. Once your under-eye area is covered in blush apply concealer directly on top, lightly patting the product in until you’re left with a flesh-toned color. Pick up a shine-free blush like the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24H Fresh Wear Soft Matte Blush which provides longwear coverage so you don’t have to worry about the pigment melting away. 

6. Add Blush to Your Forehead

After blending blush onto your cheeks and nose, your forehead may start to look out of place. To create more balance, you can add a bit of blush to your forehead too. Use a nude blush, like the  L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude in Nude with subtle shimmer to warm up the area above your brows.

7. Chisel Your Cheekbones

Try out a new blush trend and contour your cheekbones with a blush draping technique that utilizes a contour powder or cream blush to chisel this feature. To try it out for yourself, grab a creamy blush like the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Makeup Radiant Satin Blush with Camellia Oil which adds a luminous color without caking onto the skin. Suck in your cheeks and pucker up your lips (aka make a fishy face) to pinpoint where your cheekbones are, then apply the blush along your cheekbones and temples with an angled brush. You’ll be selfie-ready with a result that gives your face more definition and a warmer, flushed look.

8. Fill Brows With Your Blush

Whether you’re looking for a fun festival makeup look or just want to try something new, use blush to lightly color in sparse brow areas with some color, for a vibrant look. Using an angled brow brush, pick up a dark blush color — deeper shades pick up better on dark hairs. Then, spritz a setting spray onto the tool with blush to wet the brush slightly, this will help create a smoother texture for a controlled application. Use this makeshift brow blush the same way you would a brow pomade — focusing on the roots of the brow hair and lightly flicking it up and out, in the direction of the desired brow shape for a feathery application. Depending on the color you use, this will make your brows stand out and be the focal point of your face.

9. Wear Under Your Foundation

When it comes to the best practices for applying blush, we often think of blush as the last step. This beauty hack is known as “underpainting” and takes this makeup order and reverses it for a beauty look that embraces the natural glow of the skin. Apply cream blush in a bright shade like L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Makeup Radiant Satin Blush with Camellia Oil in Berry to your cheeks before applying your foundation or skin tint. The under-blush will serve as more of a highlight and allow for a light glow to show under your base. 

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