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What's The Difference Between Tinted Moisturizer And Tinted Serum?

Plus, which one is best for you.

When you love makeup it can be exciting when product innovations hit the market. But it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure what those products are best for and how they compare to your tried-and-true must-haves. With the recent addition of tinted serums to the face products category, you may have found yourself asking, what’s the difference between a tinted serum and tinted moisturizer? Do you need both in your makeup bag? Is tinted serum better than tinted moisturizer, or vice versa? Well, the guessing stops here, because we’re explaining the difference between tinted moisturizer and tinted serum so that you can decide which is best for your daily skin care and makeup routine.

How Is Tinted Moisturizer Different From Tinted Serum?

Tinted moisturizer has been around for a while and you likely know about its benefits, but in order to compare it to tinted serum let’s do a quick refresher. Both tinted moisturizer and tinted serum are skin care and makeup hybrids that are great for those days when you want natural coverage or a no makeup, makeup look without using foundation. The biggest difference between tinted moisturizer and tinted serum is typically in their benefits. 

While both are often layered on as the last step before makeup (or the last step in your entire routine if you’re going makeup free), they can offer different skin care rewards. Tinted moisturizers are hydrating and replace your regular daily moisturizer. They tend to have more emollient properties with thicker, richer textures than serums and are longwearing. The L’Oréal Paris Skin Paradise Water Infused Tinted Moisturizer contains witch hazel, aloe vera and SPF 19 and offers up to 24 hours of hydration with lightweight, natural coverage.

Tinted serums, also referred to as skin tints, like other facial serums, can offer a plethora of skin care benefits, including hydration and radiance. The consistency is often thinner so that their targeted skin care ingredients can penetrate the skin and work their magic. Both products can also be formulated with SPF for much needed sun protection and they both can be applied with a makeup sponge or your hands.      

Tinted Moisturizer vs. Tinted Serum: Which Is Best For You?

When it comes to whether a tinted moisturizer or a tinted serum is better for you, it simply comes down to your needs and your preference. Both are the perfect go-to for skinimalism-loving beauties who want sheer coverage with their hydration. If you have dry skin, both a tinted moisturizer or a tinted serum can suit your needs, but keep in mind that when the temperatures drop you may need something with a thicker consistency—making a tinted moisturizer your best option. If you have other skin care concerns, such as dull skin or dark spots, serums are effective at targeting those issues. 

The L’Oréal Paris True Match Hyaluronic Tinted Serum contains one percent hyaluronic acid to give skin a hydrated and smooth feel, while luminous pigments over light coverage and a brighter-looking complexion.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Design: Sarah Duvivier

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