face makeup The Best Way to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape

With the right method, it can completely change your look.

May 16, 2022
Blush For Your Face Shape CMS Bmag

While applying blush seems like it should be pretty simple, finding the right way to apply it to complement your face shape takes time. Whether your face is round, square, oval, or heart-shaped, it can be hard to lock down the best method for how to put on blush with all the techniques, tips and tricks out there. Well, we’re removing all the noise and making it easy. Here, we’re breaking down where to apply blush for every face shape.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Square Face

Working with a square face? It’s best to keep things basic by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks. This can also help to soften angular face shapes. Focus on the apples of your cheeks and then blend outward for a soft look. Make sure not to blend the product too far out horizontally to avoid the illusion of a wider-looking face. 

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Round Face

When you have a round face, your goal should be to make your cheekbones pop. Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks can give your face a rounder appearance and soften your cheekbones. Give your face an angular look by applying blush slightly lower down and toward the outside of your cheeks. Avoid blending toward your nose since that can make your face look rounder, too.


Editor’s tip: Swap out shimmery blush formulas for matte options to help prevent your cheeks from looking overly cherubic. 

How to Apply Blush If You Have an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck. When it comes to where to put blush, you can pretty much get away with anything. Just make sure to avoid applying blush under your cheekbones — that’s actually where you should contour. When you apply blush under your cheekbones, you can end up looking like you have windburn instead of a rosy glow.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Long Face

Having a long face means you have more room for blush. Start under the pupils and blend to the middle of your cheeks. Apply it in a slight semicircle or a straight line to make your face appear shorter (if that’s the goal).

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Heart-Shaped Face

Since heart-shaped faces can appear pointy, you’ll want to soften your features. To do so, apply blush in ‘C’ shapes from the top of your cheeks to above the end of your eyebrows. You can also add a bit of blush to the center of your forehead to create balance between your forehead and chin.