eye makeup How to Blend 3 Eyeshadows For A Bold Eye Makeup Look

Three is always better than one.

June 15, 2022
How To Apply Three Eye Shadow Shades

When it comes to how to put on eyeshadow, you don’t have to apply just one shade to your lids. You don’t even have to apply only two. Using three shades of eyeshadow is a great way to create a multidimensional eye makeup look. 

In fact, a beauty look featuring three shades of shadow as the star may be just what you’re looking for to turn heads, whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or to sport a standout summer look. 

Below, we’re sharing some eyeshadow shades to pair together, plus offering tips on how to apply eyeshadow when you're working with multiple shades. Get ready to level up your eye makeup game.