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makeup looks 22 Types of Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

Brush up on your beauty tools.

No matter how amazing your beauty products are if you don’t have the right brushes and tools to apply them, your makeup might still come out looking subpar. A great face all comes down to application. There are quite a few types of brushes and makeup blenders out there that can help you bring your favorite makeup looks to life. And once you’re familiar with which brush is the best for what, it will make perfecting your makeup a whole lot easier. Here, our comprehensive makeup brush guide will help you get acquainted with all the best tools.


The Best Foundation Brushes

When it comes to laying down face products, you want to use one of these tools for getting an even, streak-free finish.

The Blender Sponge 

Why apply your foundation with your fingers when a makeup blender can help you be so much more precise—not to mention more hygienic. Try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender, which has a pointed tip and a rounded bottom for easy application. Apply a small amount of foundation using the sponge's pointed tip, then bounce the rounded bottom all over your face to blend and build coverage.


The Foundation Brush

Speaking of applying foundation, this flat, elongated brush is specifically meant for foundation application. The dense bristles make it easy to build coverage—and who doesn’t want that? Alternatively, this brush can be used to smooth on a makeup primer at the start of your routine.

The Oval Brush

If you haven’t heard about the oval makeup brush trend by now, allow us to introduce you. This brush is also known as a toothbrush makeup brush since its shape resembles a toothbrush with a handle and bristles on only one side of the brush. Extremely dense, it’s ideal for applying foundation, concealer, and other cream and liquid products if you want an airbrushed finish.


The Stippling Brush

You may already be familiar with stippling from using makeup blenders, but there are also brushes devoted to it. This method of application involves bouncing your tool up and down on your skin to get a super flawless finish. A stippling brush, complete with densely packed bristles, is perfect for applying foundation, but can also be used to apply blush and other face makeup products. If you love the concept of a makeup blender but prefer the control of a handle, consider this option.

The Powder Brush

Finishing off a full face with a makeup setting spray or powder can help set your look. When using powder specifically, apply it with a fluffy powder brush—and use a light hand! If you’re branching out into more complicated beauty trends, you can also use a powder brush to dust off your face after giving makeup baking a try.

The Best Blush and Contouring Brushes

Applying blush and contour the right way (read: so that your makeup doesn’t look overdone and costume-like) calls for special brushes that get the job done right.

The Blush Brush

This brush looks like a more compact, elongated powder brush. The bristles tend to be densely-packed in order to help you apply cheek color with precision. All you have to do is smile and apply the blush of your choice to the apples of your cheeks in short, outward strokes.


The Contour Brush

Available in an array of different sizes, large angled brushes are best for contouring. The densely-packed bristles make it easy to achieve prominent, precise application. You’ll be able to create perfectly chiseled-looking cheekbones in no time!


The Bronzer Brush

Perhaps you don’t want to full-out contour but simply want to warm up your complexion. That’s where this bronzer brush comes in. Similar to the blush brush but slightly denser, it’s ideal for outlining your natural face shape and getting a sun-kissed look.


The Domed Stippling Brush

As you can probably guess, this brush is nearly identical to a traditional stippling brush—aside from its domed edges. The curve of this brush makes it amazing for curves on your face, which means it can be used to contour. Use it with a liquid bronzer and you’ll never turn back.


The Flat Concealer Brush

Have dark circles in need of disguising? This small, flat brush with rounded bristles can be used to apply concealer under your eyes. It can also be used for precise concealer application on other parts of the face, including to cover blemishes or clean up your lip look.


The Fan Brush

Never understood how to use highlighter without resembling a disco ball? Get your hands on a fan brush, which has soft, flat, fanned-out bristles that allow you to sweep on just enough shimmer.


The Tapered Highlighter Brush

Prefer a more precise and defined highlight? Look no further than a tapered highlighter brush. This face brush can be used to expertly pinpoint where you want shimmer, whether that is your cupid’s bow or the tip of your nose.

The Best Eye Makeup Brushes

Get ready to create eye-catching looks with this array of brushes made specifically to get you there.

The Shader Brush

Used for almost every eye shadow application, this brush is mostly known for allowing you to dust on an all-over color. You can find shader brushes in multiple sizes, but the smaller you go, the more precise you can get with your application.


The Large Shader Brush

Speaking of varying sizes of shader brushes, a large shader brush, in particular, is probably the one you’re most used to seeing. This brush is typically used to pack all-over color onto your lids and serves as a tool for creating the base of nearly every eye makeup look.


The Fluffy Blending Brush

If you want to use multiple eyeshadow shades, with each one fading flawlessly into the next, a fluffy blending brush should be in your arsenal. The loosely-packed bristles can help you seamlessly blend your eyeshadow, putting an end to any harsh lines.


The Angled Crease Brush

To create a defined eye crease, pick up an angled crease brush. The angled bristles can help you sweep eyeshadow effortlessly into your crease to add depth to your look. These little multi-taskers are also ideal for swiping shadow beneath the arch of your brow.


The Small Blending Brush

Small blending brushes are perfect for applying cream eyeshadows thanks to their densely-packed bristles. They can also be used for—you guessed it—small areas that need blending, such as smudging shadow along your lower lash line.

The Firm Blender Brush

So, you want to blend your eyeshadow but also want to keep each individual shade intact. A firm blender brush will be your go-to tool, as its more compact bristles are perfect for precise blending that won’t take away from each hue used.


The Pencil Eye Brush

Want to line your lash line with a shadow or highlight your inner corner? A pencil brush will come in handy for that. This small, rounded brush makes it easy to expertly place shadow in a specific, tiny area.


The Small Angled Brush

You may be used to  seeing this brush on the other end of a spoolie (more on that later). This eye makeup brush can be used to paint on eyeliner or fill in your brows. The thin, flat edge is perfect for drawing sharp lines.


The Double-ended Spoolie

Like we mentioned, you might recognize small angled brushes often come on the other end of this tool: the spoolie. This eyebrow tool is a must for anyone who wants perfectly groomed brows, as the spoolie can be used to brush and tame brow hairs while the small angled brush expertly draws on brow hairs to fill in sparse areas. A spoolie can also be used to brush through lash extensions. 


The Best Lip Brushes 

In case you haven’t tried it yet, applying lip products with a brush is clutch for precision and packing on color. Try one of these to complete your favorite lip look.

The Basic Lip Brush

For better lipstick application, don’t apply color straight from the tube—use a basic lip brush. The small shape is extremely helpful when it comes to coloring inside the lines.


The Precision Lip Brush

Want a bit more control? If you’re looking to outline your lip shape—or line slightly outside your lips to fake the appearance of a fuller pout—a precision lip brush will come in handy.

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Written by: Lauren Paige Richeson, Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn