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12 Hairstyles to Wear With a Side Part

Millennials can rejoice — this hairstyle feature is having a moment again.
October 07, 2022

Much to Gen Z’s horror, side parts are back (some will argue they never really left) and they’re making a strong case for themselves this season. A side part is situated on a certain side of your scalp and like a middle part, it can be worn with a number of different styles, including beach waves, messy updos and sleek blowouts

Where you part your hair really comes down to preference but, thanks to social media, Gen Z and curtain bangs, the middle part has held the top spot in hair trends for the past few seasons. But, if we’ve learned anything about trends it’s that they always cycle back into popularity. 

So, whether you’re a side part loyalist through and through or you’re still on the fence, read on as we share 12 side part hairstyles to add to your hair routine that demonstrate just how underrated they truly are.

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12 Side Part Hairstyles to Try

A side part is super versatile and it’s more visually forgiving than a middle part when it comes to  facial asymmetries. Below, discover our favorite side part hairstyles to prove our point.

1. Half Up, Half Down Hair

This ultra-feminine hairstyle prioritizes a side part when side-swept bangs are added into the mix. Half-up hair is equal parts flirty, nostalgic and charming and whether it’s for day or night the side part elevates the look.

To get a sleek, half up, half down style with a side part, use the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Mega Gel to style your strands with max hold and high shine. This hair gel is a must for taming flyaways, styling edges and locking every strand into place.

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