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This Blow Dry Primer Is The Secret to Achieving a Salon-Quality Blowout At Home

Prepare to be blown away.
May 11, 2022

Like a broken record, I’ve waxed poetic about the importance of heat protection time and time again. If I plan on heat styling my hair — even if it’ll just be a small section of my hair, like my bangs — you can bet I’ll be armed with a heat protectant of some kind. 

When L’Oréal Paris extended the EverPure line to include the Weightless Blow Dry Primer, a heat protectant cream, I had to try it out immediately. To find out everything you need to know about the blow dry cream, including how it would perform on my hair as well as the hair of two fellow editors with completely different hair types, keep reading.  


Caitlyn, Assistant Editor

My hair’s natural texture is somewhere between a beachy wave and a loose curl, depending on the humidity. Although I mostly leave my natural hair alone, nothing makes me feel more confident than a silky blowout

On days when I decide to blow out my hair, I take the prep very seriously.  If I’m going to go through the effort of doing my hair, I need to be absolutely certain that my hair won’t be damaged in the process, so I make it a priority to lather my strands in a protectant before even thinking about laying a finger on a hot tool. 

I had only ever used heat protectant spray  before, so this formula was certainly a change  for me. When I first squeezed out a bit of the cream, I was surprised to find that it was milky in texture and felt smooth in my hands. When I ran it through my hair, I loved how hydrating it felt as opposed to sticky like I was expecting.  When I was finished distributing the product through my strands from root to tip, I blow dried my hair like I normally would.

The result exceeded my expectations. My hair, which I did in the comfort of my bathroom, looked as shiny and felt as silky as a professional-grade salon blowout — and I owe it all to this blow dry primer.


Alyssa, Assistant Editor

As someone who uses heat on my hair almost daily, a heat protectant that doesn’t weigh down my hair or leave residue on my strands is essential for me. For this reason, I’ve often opted for heat protectant sprays over cream formulas as they tend to be more lightweight, but the EverPure Weightless Blow Dry Primer surprised me. 

I squeezed a quarter-size amount onto my palms and rubbed it in between my hands before working it throughout my damp hair. The texture felt creamy without being thick or greasy and I found that when I blow dried my hair, the product added to the smoothness. It’s also worth noting that it didn’t make my hair feel dry once it was styled as some heat protectants tend to do.  While I enjoy the ease of spraying on a product, I really appreciate that with this option I can work it through my strands to evenly distribute the product. And to my surprise, it didn’t weigh down my hair — my blowout looked just as it normally would. 


Alanna, Assistant Managing Editor 

Blow-drying my hair can be a long, arduous process, particularly because I have a lot of volume and often have to combat a good amount of frizz. This is why heat-protecting creams or sprays are a must for me to keep everything tame and smooth, and I was excited to give this new EverPure Weightless Blow Dry Primer a go. 

The first thing I loved about this formula was how lightweight it felt during application — it wasn’t greasy or heavy like some hair creams tend to be. I stroked the product throughout my hair while it was wet with my hands and immediately noticed how easy and smooth it was to brush through as I blow dried. It helped me seamlessly break through any tangles with my comb, and kept flyaways in place. After my blowout, my hair was silky and felt super strong. I’ll be  incorporating this into my blow-drying routine going forward.

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Written and Photographed By: Caitlyn Martyn

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