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How to Wear Chin Bangs, the Low Maintenance Twist on Curtain Bangs

Easy-to-do styling with face-framing qualities? Sign us up.
October 10, 2022

If your social media feed looks anything like ours, then you can’t get away from curtain bangs. Whether it’s Gen Z’s affinity for the middle part or the certain easygoing nature that curtain bangs exude, they’re easily one of the season’s hottest hair trends. Ironically, while curtain bangs have an effortless look — they can be exactly the opposite — requiring constant styling, different hair tools and the right arsenal of products to achieve the right iconic shape and volume, based on your hair type. 

If the maintenance is what holds you back from committing to the look, we totally understand — we felt the same way, until we heard about chin bangs. Chin bangs are a longer, low-maintenance version of curtain bangs that reminds us of face-framing layers. Read all about chin bangs, including how to style them and why this low-key look may be better for you than curtain bangs, below.  

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What Are Chin Bangs?

Much like the name suggests, chin bangs are chin-length bangs that resemble a grown-out version of curtain bangs. The longer length makes them easier to style, while offering the same face-framing effect, volume and chic nature of curtain bangs that we love. It also gives you the option to tuck your chin bangs into a high ponytail or bun on days when you don’t want to style them. 

What’s the Difference Between Chin Bangs and Face-Framing Layers?

While chin bangs may look like face-framing layers, they have a few, key differences that separate the two. Chin bangs are thicker and heavier than face-framing layers due to their higher placement on the scalp. While both chin bangs and face-framing layers frame your features, the latter blends in with the rest of your hair, removes bulk and creates texture and volume. Think of chin bangs as a more obvious take on face-framing layers.

How Do I Ask My Stylist for Chin Bangs?

To ask your stylist for chin bangs, ask for grown out curtain bangs that hit around the chin area. Asking for face-framing layers will result in a more subtle end-result, which is still super flattering, just know that it won’t have the same dense cut that chin bangs have. Showing your stylist a picture or a video of what you want the end goal to look like is a great way to get your point across. 

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