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hairstyle trends These Beanie Hairstyles Prove The Hat Is a Must For Your Winter Wardrobe

There are so many qualities we adore about the winter season—the excuse to sip hot chocolate at any given hour, a magical snowfall, and a reason to pop on a beanie before heading out the door. Of course, this seasonal hat calls for coordinating beanie hairstyles, which is right up our alley. Ahead, we’re sharing eight seriously cute beanie hairstyles to try, from naturally curly hair with a beanie to a side-swept braid.

1. Sleek and Straight

Why we love it: This is an easy option for styling your strands while letting them hang free. A beanie will add the perfect amount of personality to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

How to DIY it: Head over to our article, Super-Straight Strands Are In: Here's How To Get Straight Hair, for a step-by-step guide on getting sleek and straight hair. Then, pull on a trendy beanie to complete the look.

2. Naturally Curly

Why we love it: We’re all about embracing your natural hair texture, and this option on our beanie hairstyles list will give your spirals just the right addition. We love the way a beanie emphasizes the volume of curly lengths.

How to DIY it: Apply a dollop of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse to damp strands. Scrunch and allow your hair to air dry. Then, pop on your favorite beanie.

3. Braided Pigtails

Why we love it: This hairstyle gives us all the nostalgia. It’s also perfect for camouflaging second-day hair, since your beanie will mask oily roots while your braided pigtails hide any flat or straggly strands.

How to DIY them: Part your hair down the middle to create two even sections. Weave two symmetrical three-strand braids and gently tug on the edges to create a looser, messy appearance. Grab your beanie and you’re ready to head out the door.

4. Side-Swept Braid

Why we love it: This braided hairstyle is ideal for those who have thin or fine hair that may lack fullness when worn in pigtails. It also takes only a few minutes to recreate.

How to DIY it: Bring all of your hair to one side. Separate your hair into their equal sections, then braid to the ends of your hair. Secure with an elastic and pull on your beanie of choice.

5. Loose Waves

Why we love them: If you weren’t blessed with naturally curly hair, loose waves are a fun way  to mimic that spiral texture with a subtler approach.

How to DIY them: Spritz your locks with a heat protectant, like our L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Quick Dry Primer Spray. Use a wide-barrel curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair. After you’ve finished curling your strands, comb through your mane with your fingers to loosen the look. Then, pop on your beanie.

6. Double Bubble Ponytails

Why we love it: The bubble ponytail is super on-trend at the moment. Add a beanie into the mix and you’ve got a hairstyle that’s sure to reap many compliments.

How to DIY them: Split your hair down the middle, then head over to our article How To Create The Perfect Bubble Ponytail. Just make sure to double the recipe (or should we say instructions)!

7. Low Space Buns

Why we love them: They’re fun and carefree. Not to mention, low space buns take only a few quick minutes to create.

How to DIY them: Part your hair down the middle to create two even sections. Create two low buns on either side of your head. Feel free to make them messy, as it’ll add more personality to your look. Pull on a beanie and you’re all set.

8. Crimped Hair

Why we love it: This throwback look has made a major comeback, and thanks to the resurgence of the hair waver, it’s super easy to recreate.

How to DIY it: Check out our article, Crimped Hair Is Back! Here's How To Do It Right, for a step-by-step tutorial. Then, add your beanie.

Next up: If a beanie isn’t your style, consider rocking another popular hair accessory. Here’s How To Wear a Headband: 18 Hairstyles.