Heavy Metals How To Do Copper Bronze And Rose Gold Hair For Every Skin Tone D

hair color tutorials Heavy Metals: How to Do Copper, Bronze, and Rose Gold Hair for Every Skin Tone

Ever thought you wanted to match your hair color to your jewelry? Oh, to be the embodiment of a diamond necklace! Well, that might not be quite doable—but what about your metallic chain of choice? Whether you’re more of a bronzed beauty or a rose gold gal, you can match your hair color to your favorite metal for the ultimate update to your beauty look. Copper, bronze, and rose gold tresses are some of the hottest hair color trends of the moment—and it turns out they just so happen to work on every skin tone. These shades make a serious statement, no matter which color you choose. Below, find the right hue for your skin tone and learn the right hair care routine for your new metallic hair color.


While these metallic shades are positively gorgeous, keep in mind that they may take quite a bit of work to achieve (including bleaching), especially if you’re starting with a brunette base. So, you may want to visit a pro colorist and bring pics outlining what you want. A colorist will be able to skillfully bring your one-of-a-kind copper, bronze, or rose gold shade to life.


This modern take on red hair is anything but boring.

If you have fair skin…go with a penny-inspired color. A brownish copper can help brighten your face and make for a sophisticated chic look when paired with an angular cut and pale skin.

If you have medium skin…opt for a bright copper that can help light up your face and make your favorite features stand out. Keep strands darker at the roots to make color seem richer and avoid hair that looks like a single tone. Stick with short or medium length hair to help keep your vibrant mane looking mature.

If you have olive skin…skip brown tones, which can make skin appear sallow. Instead, try adding copper highlights to almost black locks. The touch of metal can add warmth and shine so that your color doesn’t fall flat.

If you have tan skin…try a copper base color with strawberry blonde highlights added throughout. Adding lightened pieces to your mane can make your metallic shade seem more natural and effortless. The strawberry blonde and copper combo is perfect for going faux ginger, in a modern way.

If you have dark skin...dye your hair a deep copper. This dark metallic is a subtle way to adopt the copper-hued hair trend and can look incredibly flattering against a dark skin tone.


Don’t go for the gold—go for the bronze! There’s a reason why this shade is so popular these days.

If you have fair skin…choose a soft bronze that won’t look too harsh against alabaster skin. While you’re making mane changes, add layers to your locks to help make your new shade really shine and pop.

If you have medium skin…fade a deep bronze into a lighter metallic hue for a beautiful bronze balayage. Not only does this color look great with medium skin tones, it’s also the ideal way to dye for anyone who’s not so sure about making a commitment. Balayage looks just as good once it starts growing out as it does right after a trip to the salon. This means fewer touch ups and maintenance are needed. Totally no fuss!

If you have olive skin…go for a dark bronze that can shine against your skin. Keep hair long and add blunt bangs to make it a completely striking style.

If you have tan skin…lighten up a brunette or black base color with bronze highlights. Adding highlights can keep the color from being boring by breaking up the solid hue and creating more visual interest.

If you have dark skin...consider a warn bronze hue, with golden flecks throughout. Bronze and gold play perfectly together for a doubly metallic look. Make the most of your alloy moment with medium-length, volumized strands.


Rose gold is on track to be It hair color of 2018. Why not get in on the fun yourself?

If you have fair skin…play up pink undertones in your skin with a pale rose gold shade. Pick one that leans more peach than pink, which will be more flattering next to fair skin. Wear your peachy locks super long, skimming down your back for an ethereal style.

If you have medium skin…do a trendy take on rose gold by painting the color just on the ends of strands. This dip dye look doesn’t require a long-term engagement—just trim your colored ends when you’re done with having heavy metal hair. Bonus—it’s exactly the push you might need to move on to a shorter style.

If you have olive skin…add depth and dimension to a golden blonde base with skinny rose gold highlights. Your new understated color will look great on long, luscious locks.

If you have tan skin…put a fresh spin on rose gold hair by choosing a deeper tone. Remember, not all rose golds have to be super-light! Chop hair short after dyeing for an overall edgy look.

If you have dark skin...try a classic rose gold with lots of pink tones. While dark skin will work with work with almost any rose gold shade, this is a classic for a reason. The bright color makes for a flirty and fun style that’s easy to rock.

Now that you have a better idea of all the ways you can embrace a metallic hair color, you’re likely wondering if it’s possible to create by yourself. Lucky for you, you can. If you want to achieve a semi-permanent metallic hair color, try the L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Rosegold, L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Gold, or L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Silver. If you prefer something more permanent for your new beauty look, try the L’Oréal Paris Feria Fashion Metallics in Rose Gold.


You’ve made it this far—so show your heavy metal hair color some love once you’re sporting your new ‘do.

1. Use a system of shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. Try the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Repair & Defend Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris EverPure Repair & Defend Conditioner.

2. Add a mask to your weekly routine. Once or twice a week, swap out your color care conditioner for something that offers deeper hydration, like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Repair Remedy Balm. After shampooing, apply the mask and leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse out.

3. Choose the right styling products. Show off that copper hair in style. The L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold with UV Filter for Color-Treated Hair is formulated with a UV filter to help protect the beautiful shine of your color. What’s more, its micro-diffuser sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush. It also can help protect your style against the effects of humidity. Happy spritzing!

4. Temporarily disguise gray roots. Let’s be real: Things come up, so you’re not always going to be able to book it to the salon for a touch up once grays start growing in. But you don’t have to walk around with your roots showing if you don’t want to. The L’Oréal Paris Root Cover Up comes in a variety of brown shades, so spritz one onto new growth and lightly through the rest of your hair to blend in the color. It lasts one shampoo.

5. Rock beachy waves. Excessive heat styling can lead to damage, so drop the blow-dryer in favor of your natural texture and show off that bronze hue! Spray the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Wave Swept Spray onto towel-dried hair, braid your hair, then undo the braid once your hair has dried for touchable texture.

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