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Over the last few years, ombré hair has become more popular than anyone ever expected. It's a style loved by 'beautistas' looking to give their hair a new edge without going for all-over color. How do you wear it? It depends. Some go subtle, some go bold. For the edgiest look, colored ombré is your answer.

Now you can get a red ombré effect with Féria Coloured Ombré, either in more of a traditional dark-to-light ombré style or with a different look by coloring just the tips of your hair. Start at mid-length or lower for just the tips, and lightly work your way to the ends. The contrast between the two shades will give intensity to your hair for an ultra-vivid, ultra-vibrant look.

Wear it straight for the most striking effect or style in loose waves for a more subtle edge, as Natalie from Natalie Off Duty has here.