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How to Help Prevent Hat Hair

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How to Help Prevent Hat Hair How to Help Prevent Hat Hair How to Help Prevent Hat Hair

Whether you want to shade your face when it’s hot outside or you simply don’t have the time or patience to deal with an unruly mane, there’s no better time to add a hat to your wardrobe. But while hats are a super-useful accessory given that they make styling your hair unnecessary, hat hair is a real thing. The good news is, you can help prevent the dreaded hat hair from happening with the right know-how. Want to know exactly how to do it? Follow our five hair tips below—and break out your favorite hat for an uber-cool style this season!

Hair Tip #1: Tuck Your Hair Behind Your Ears

One of the best ways you can help prevent any sort of hat hair is to start off by tucking your hair behind your ears. When you do this, it can help you avoid any unsightly creases that might occur if you let your hair freefall. Now, we totally understand that part of the chic beachy vibe is to let your hair be free beneath your hat—but that’s not the way to go if you plan on taking it off your head at any point. If, on the other hand, you don’t see yourself going hat-free at any point of the day, however, feel free to let your strands hang loose. (Read our guide to salvaging a bad hair day.)

Hair Tip #2: Don’t Brush Your Hair After Taking Off Your Hat

After you take off your hat, you might be inclined to reach for a brush to smooth everything out. Don’t! After your hair has been kept under a hat, running a brush through it may result in the look of frizz. No thank you! Instead, use your fingers to comb through your hair and lightly spritz on a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo, such as the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo, for a bit of a refresh.

Hair Tip #3: Save Hats for Day Two Hair

If you’ve just blow-dried your hair to sleek perfection, by all means don’t hide it under a hat! But if you’re on day two and want to hide dirty hair until you have a chance to shower, go ahead and reach for this summer-appropriate accessory. No one will have to know you haven’t had time to suds up yet!

Hair Tip #4: Wear a Silk Scarf Under Your Hat

You’ve heard us tell you that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help keep your style in place overnight—and you can also use one to help steer clear of hat hair. Wrap a silk scarf in half and wear it like a bandana beneath your hat, If you decide to try this summer hair tip, just be sure to tuck your scarf ends under your hat so that they don’t offset your look.

Hair Tip #5: Tilt Your Hat on the Back of Your Head to Avoid Forehead Marks

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that hats have the ability to not only mess with your hair but your makeup, too. If you want to avoid any red marks on your forehead, go for a laidback boho vibe and tilt your hat to the back of your head. This particular style works especially well with beach hats, floppy wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, and pork pie hats—baseball caps, not so much, though.

Alas, you finally know how to get in on one of the most fashionable hairstyle trends without succumbing to hat hair. Now, if you ever find yourself in another easy hairstyle crunch (which, let’s face it, despite our best efforts, can happen from time to time), we’ve got more solutions for you. Check out our article, 8 Adorable No-Heat Hairstyles. Because who says you need to use heat tools for hair that looks great?