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Is Nanoblading the Answer to Your Best Brows Yet?

What you need to know about the latest brow trend.
March 04, 2022


There’s no denying that eyebrows can be a controversial topic. We’re all born with them, but somehow people have come to form very strong opinions on how they should look. Take the ‘90s for example 一 the thinner and more arched the brow, the better. In recent years, the beauty community has gushed over full, fluffy brows

But no matter what your preferences are, there are tons of ways to alter your eyebrows to your liking. And thanks to advancements in technology, this goes beyond just brow pencils and gels. Enternanoblading. If you’re familiar with microblading, then perhaps you’ve heard about nanoblading, it’s cool younger sister. And if you’re looking to alter your brows and you’re not quite sure what nanoblading entails, keep reading because we’re sharing what you need to know about this popular beauty procedure that could give you your best brows yet


What Is Nanoblading?

According to the Permanent Makeup Hub (PMU HUB), nanoblading is a form of brow tattooing that uses a small, hand held tattooing device with one nano (very thin) needle to apply the ink under the surface layer of the skin. The fine needle deposits the ink under the skin in a way mimics real, fine eyebrow hair. The ink used in nanoblading is semi-permanent and will fade over time which is great in case you want to change up your look. 

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How Long Does Nanoblading Last?

The exact amount of time it lasts depends on factors such as the ink type used, pigment and your skin type — but you can expect it to last up to two and a half years. But be warned that regardless of which eyebrow tattooing technique you go for, one or two touch ups is typically necessary in order to keep your brows looking sharp. 

If you notice a bit of fading between touch ups and want to mask it until you can go in for an appointment, fill in the gaps using a brow pencil with a fine tip, like the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Mechanical Pencil


How Do Nanoblading and Microblading Differ?

If you’re like us, then your first question when you heard about nanoblading was “how is nanoblading different form microblading?” There are a few key differences to be aware of, starting with the needle or needles used. Unlike with nanoblading, microblading typically uses several needles at a time, each of which are thicker than nano needles. 

While microblading typically lasts between one and two years, nanoblading lasts up to two and a half years. 

Although microblading is excellent for filling in and shaping the brows, it’s not as precise as nanoblding. Nanoblading is better at achieving ultra-precise, even more natural looking brows. It’s also important to mention that because nanoblading uses a finer needle, it’s less invasive and traumatic to the skin than microblading. Because of this, the healing time is typically shorter than it would be with microblading. 


What to Expect At Your Nanoblading Appointment 

If you decide to get your eyebrows nanobladed, be sure to do your research and ensure the artist is properly trained and creates results that you like. When you get to your appointment, you and the eyebrow artist should discuss what your goals are. 

Be sure to share information about your skin type so they can provide you with the best care. You’ll then assess which ink shade to use, what shape you’re looking for any other specifics you’re hoping to achieve. 

Then the artist will stencil details onto your eyebrows just like they would if you were getting a regular body tattoo. Once the stencil is just right, a topical numbing agent will be applied before the tattooing begins. The artist will then begin implanting the pigments into the skin using fine strokes of the needle. Once the shape is filled, they should consult with you to be sure that the results are to your liking. 


How to Care for Your Eyebrows After Nanoblading 

Like with most cosmetic treatments and procedures, proper aftercare is key in order to maintain the best results. While your artist should give you specific instructions, generally it’s important to refrain from wearing makeup near the area, expose it to too much sunlight, excessive sweating and swimming for at least one to two weeks after getting nanoblading. 

It’s also a good idea to keep harsh chemical exfoliants away from the area in general to prevent as much fading as possible. Be sure to consult with your artist to ensure you understand what to do and what not to do in order to heal properly and yield excellent results. 

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo: iStock 

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