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How to Fake Ombré Eyebrows With Makeup

Get the look without the price, pain or commitment.
August 16, 2023

When it comes to your eyebrows, chances are you spend a fair amount of time perfecting their shape and style. After all, flawless brows have become an essential part of a social media -worthy look. That said, there are plenty of ways to groom your eyebrows — from procedures like microblading to temporary eyebrow tattoos to using eyebrow makeup to accentuate their shape. 

Ombré eyebrows, the result of a technique called ombré shading, is a super popular eyebrow styling technique, but what if you want to get the look without going through permanent methods? We have you covered — read on to learn how you can fake ombré eyebrows at home with makeup. Plus, learn more about the semi-permanent ombré shading technique, too. 

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What Are Ombré Eyebrows?

Ombré eyebrows — also known as ombré powder eyebrows and powder brows — are achieved through a technique that’s called ombré shading, which semi-permanently fills in the brows, perfects their shape and darkens the tails. The process involves tattooing small marks onto the skin with a needle to deposit semi-permanent dye under the skin. The ombré shading technique also uses a machine to create pixelated dots that create a powder-like, shaded brow look that starts out light at the start of your brows and transitions to darker at the tail.

If you love the look of ombré eyebrows but don’t want to commit to the initial procedure, you have options. The look can easily be recreated with makeup. The result is similar, but the method involves using an eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in your brows, shading darker in color towards the tail.

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Ombré Eyebrows vs. Microblading: What’s the Difference?

The difference between these two eyebrow styling methods is the technique and the result. Microblading adds individual strokes to the skin to give the appearance of thicker brows, while the ombré brows technique creates a diffused, dotted effect across the entire eyebrow. Ombré needles also penetrate the skin a bit deeper so these brows take longer to heal. Because of this, ombré brows also tend to last longer than microbladed eyebrows.

Ombré Brows Aftercare: What to Expect

Opting for ombré shading means you won’t have to wake up early every morning to perfect your arches, but they won’t look Instagram-level flawless right away. Typically, your brows will take seven to fourteen days to heal. During the first seven days, avoid getting your ombré eyebrows wet — and yes, this includes showering and washing your face. You should also avoid picking at the scabs, intense exercise, applying makeup, and spending prolonged time in the sun. 

To help the healing process, you’ll need to apply an ointment daily throughout the duration of your ombré eyebrows healing stages. Keep in mind, when your ombré eyebrow procedure is complete, you’ll receive detailed instructions on aftercare, which you should follow.

How Long Do Ombré Brows Last?

You’ll be happy to hear that ombré shading actually has a pretty long lifespan. You can expect your ombré brows to last between two and three years before a touch up is needed.

How Much Do Ombré Brows Cost?

As with any beauty procedure, the cost is dependent on the state you live in, where you get your ombré shading done, and which professional you go to. That said, this semi-permanent eyebrow shading method costs between $800 and $1200 on average. One word of advice: Don’t make your decision of where to go entirely based on price. Look at before and after pictures, and make sure you’re going to a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing.

How to Fake Ombré Brows With Makeup

Not sure you’re ready to commit to the price or lifespan of ombré brows? Not a problem because you can temporarily fake this trendy eyebrow look with the help of makeup. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Remove Your Makeup

Start with clean, bare brows. Sweep a makeup wipe like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes over your eyebrows to remove all traces of makeup.

2. Mark Your Shape

Using a nude eyeliner like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Grip Mechanical Gel Eyeliner in Nude, draw small dots where the beginning, arch and end of your brows should be. Align the pencil so it’s parallel to the bridge of your nose to find the ideal starting point for your eyebrows. Then, angle the pencil so that it goes through your iris — this is where your arch should be. Finally, angle the pencil so that it’s aligned with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brows should end.

3. Fill In Your Brows

Using the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Mechanical Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil, begin to fill in your eyebrows with a very light hand, creating hair-like strokes. Focus on building up the color at the middle and ends of your brow, so that the end is the darkest — just like an ombré gradient. Use your fingertip or a small tapered blending brush to blend out any harsh lines for a seamless, ombré look.

As an alternative, you can also use the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Volumizing 24H Wear Brow Mascara to brush through your brows to add thickness and hold. It’s a good option for those with even brows that don’t have sparse areas. Focus on applying the brow mascara at the middle of the brow to the tail to create the ombré effect.

4. Set Your Brows

To keep your ombré brows intact all day long, swipe the L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Brow Topcoat, Waterproof Universal Transparent through your arches. The clear gel formula extends your brow pencil for up to 30 hours without smudging or residue.

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Photo Credit: IG/@satecosmetics, Photo Design: Sarah Duvivier

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