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Skin Expert How-To: Facial Massage

Skin Care Essentials

Skin Expert How-To: Facial Massage Skin Expert How-To: Facial Massage Skin Expert How-To: Facial Massage

One of the best parts of a facial at a spa, aside from leaving with a fresh looking complexion, can really be the gentle facial massage. Beautiful skin can be a reflection of how you feel, so don’t wait for your next appointment to reap the benefits of a facial massage. Indulge your skin by giving yourself a facial massage once a week.

A facial massage should always be gentle and is usually done with the fingertips applying light pressure in upward fluid motions. You could start your day with a facial massage, but to really get the most out of the skin care trend, try incorporating it into your nightly routine, once a week. Here’s your easy step-by-step guide for a relaxing and revitalizing at-home facial massage for beautiful looking skin:

Facial massage step #1: Remove makeup and cleanse your face. To really start your facial massage off right, begin with a fresh canvas. Makeup and daily dirt may be more likely to clog pores while you are massaging your face if not completely removed beforehand.

Facial massage step #2: Dab face cream or moisturizer into the palms of your hands. Also, consider adding a drop of facial oil and mixing into your palms with the moisturizer.

Facial massage step #3: Rub moisturizer together into your palms. This will slightly warm the moisturizer.

Facial massage step #4: Apply light pressure in upward motions with your fingertips. Start at your chin and move up towards your temples. Then move from above your lips and again up and out to your temples.

Facial massage step #5: Move to the area under your eyebrow. Place each index finger on either side of your nose and then press and flow with outward strokes towards your temples.

Facial massage step #6: Place your fingers under your eye. Gently work your fingers from the inside of your eyes, toward the outer corners. Blood and fluids can build up under your eye, so, this motion helps clear the buildup which may cause under eye darkness and baggage.

Facial massage step #7: Massage your jawline and neck. A good facial massage will also include your neck and décolleté, so spend another minute on this area, gently stroking your cream into the skin.

This simple skin care trend can really be a treat – especially after a taxing day or busy week. Take a little time and refresh your beautiful skin with a facial massage every so often to look and feel your best, without having to take a trip to the spa.