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How To Reduce the Appearance of Under-Eye Wrinkles

Plus, some of our favorite products to try.
  • Cat Matta
April 05, 2024

There’s no denying that as you age, your skin starts to change. And with those changes, visible signs of aging, like under-eye wrinkles and fine lines under eyes, can start making an appearance. And what this really means is that your maturing skin may need a little extra love. The key is to use rejuvenating skincare that can help you maintain youthful-looking skin for as long as possible—like finding the right eye cream.

If you’ve been asking yourself how to get rid of under-eye wrinkles, we’re here to help. While there’s no magic wand for eliminating wrinkles altogether, there are some ways to help manage them. Keep reading to learn about our best under-eye skincare for wrinkles. Plus, discover additional tips you can add to your skincare routine to help reduce the look of fine lines under eyes.

What Causes Under-Eye Wrinkles?

As you age, your skin does too, and there are multiple factors that can contribute to under-eye wrinkles. First and foremost, starting around the time you reach 30, your skin begins to lose flexibility and elasticity. This happens slowly, over time. And when your skin is less elastic, repeated muscle contractions can lead to visible wrinkles. Every time you smile, squint, frown, etcetera, little grooves appear around your eyes. When you’re younger, these usually go away as soon as you return to a neutral expression. But more mature skin doesn’t bounce back in the same way.

Sun damage can also accelerate skin aging, as can exposure to pollution. These environmental factors can contribute to wrinkles all over, and the eye area is no exception. In fact, if you aren’t careful to apply sunscreen around your eyes, it can be an especially vulnerable area.

Genetics can be a factor in under-eye wrinkles as well. Your genes largely determine how you look, and this is no exception. If you want an idea of what you can expect as you age, looking to your family members is often a good place to start.

How To Manage Under-Eye Wrinkles

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While many of the causes of under-eye wrinkles—like aging and genetics—are unavoidable, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them. There are ways, with proper skincare, that you can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines around your eyes. Below, discover some of our best tips.

1. Moisturize Your Under-Eyes

One of the easiest ways to help reduce the look of under-eye wrinkles is with a moisturizer formulated specifically for under your eyes. Just like the rest of the skin on your face and body, the delicate skin around your eyes needs its own pampering too. And the right eye cream is an excellent place to start. Below, find some of our faves.

L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Derm Intensives 1.5% Hyalruonic Acid + 1% Caffeine Eye Serum

Depuff and brighten the look of the skin around your eyes with this opthamologist-approved, non-greasy, fragrance- and paraben-free serum. Safe for even contact lens wearers, this formula with hyaluronic acid and caffeine helps visibly plump and brighten the skin around your eyes while reducing the appearance of under-eye wrinkles. Your skin will feel instantly hydrated and, over time, fine lines under eyes will be less noticeable. The results: Skin that looks firmer, more youthful, and brighter.

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Midnight Eye Opener

Improve the look of eight signs of aging, including under-eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sagging eyelids, with this patented antioxidant eye cream. The skin around your eyes will feel caressed by this fast-absorbing, silky cream, which is made especially for the delicate eye area. Your skin will be left appearing more lifted and youthful.

Pro tip: Help neutralize the look of dark circles and puffy under-eye bags with L’Oréal Paris True Match Radiant Serum Concealer. Fragrance- and paraben-free, this vegan formula comes in 24 shades. Plus, it won’t settle into fine lines and creases or clog your pores.

L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment

Give the skin around your eyes a little extra TLC with the help of three anti-aging superstars: Pro-Retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. This lightweight, hypoallergenic cream works to reduce the look of under-eye wrinkles and puffiness while brightening your skin. Free of fragrance, parabens, and mineral oil, this effective yet gentle cream is contact lens safe, and layers well under makeup.

L’Oréal Paris Wrinkle Expert 55+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment

If you’re in your 50s, you may be starting to notice that the skin around your eyes feels thinner and drier. This Wrinkle Expert Eye Treatment makes your skin feel instantly moisturized, softer, and smoother. And in only four weeks, wrinkles around your eyes (crow’s feet, we’re looking at you) look visibly improved.

2. Use a Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Contrary to popular belief, eye cream is not your only line of defense when it comes to tackling under-eye wrinkles. Adding other nourishing skincare products to your daily routine is a great way to replenish your skin with moisture, which can help to reduce the look of visible signs of aging. Kick things off with the help of a nourishing cream cleanser, like the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser. It’s formulated to remove all traces of makeup and impurities while gently exfoliating your skin for a visible boost of radiance.

3. Reach for a Facial Moisturizer

As we’ve touched on, moisture is the key to minimizing the look of under-eye wrinkles. So, naturally, you’ll want to include a tried-and-true moisturizer in your daily routine too. We love the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Anti-Aging Moisturizer Fragrance-Free. Formulated with Pro-Retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, this non-greasy moisturizer is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. With regular use, you should start seeing less visible wrinkles, as well as firmer, brighter skin.

If your moisturizer doesn’t include SPF, it’s also essential to wear sunscreen. While this won’t change existing wrinkles, it can help prevent them from forming. As the last step in your skincare routine, apply L’Oréal Paris Bright Reveal Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Daily UV Lotion. The lightweight, invisible sunscreen helps resist sun-induced signs of aging.*

*When used as directed with other sun protection measures

4. Grab a Face Serum

A hydrating facial serum can take your routine to the next level, providing your skin with added moisture­ and acting as an extra tool in your arsenal for managing under-eye wrinkles. Try L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Derm Intensives 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly—without a tacky residue—to replenish moisture and impart a dewy glow. In just one week, your skin should look plumper and more youthful, and feel firmer. Over time, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will diminish.

5. Add Retinol to Your Regimen

Retinol (a.k.a. Pro-Retinol or vitamin A) is a skincare staple for fighting eye wrinkles, as well as fine lines elsewhere on the face. To introduce it to your skin, try the L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Derm Intensives Night Serum, 0.3% Pure Retinol. The serum, which is suitable for all skin types, can help visibly reduce the appearance of even deep wrinkles. And if you’re wary about the potential drying effects of retinol, it’s formulated with soothing ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to help balance those effects.

6. Try Gentle Exfoliation

Gentle exfoliation is another way you can help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It can be particularly helpful for smaller wrinkles. There are countless kinds of facial exfoliants you can use, including serums and toners with exfoliating acids, face scrubs, and exfoliating face brushes. (Just be sure to take it easy around the delicate skin near your eyes.)

How To Prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles

Alas, there’s nothing we can do to slow down the passage of time—or blockade ourselves from eye wrinkles in general. That said, however, there are some tactics that are known to help keep your skin looking youthful longer.

  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 daily (and avoid tanning beds)
  • Wear UV-blocking sunglasses
  • Keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer (we like adding a hydrating serum underneath too)
  • Remove your makeup at the end of the day and gently cleanse your face thoroughly
  • Get plenty of quality sleep

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