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Is Lip Primer Necessary for Lasting Lipstick?

It can do more than just help your lipstick last.

December 14, 2023

Real talk: Lipstick never seems to last as long as you want it too. You apply it in the morning, perhaps even with a matching liner, and by the time lunch time rolls around, it’s gone. If you’ve been on an eternal hunt for ways to keep your lip color in place, you may want to turn your attention to lip primer. 

You’ve probably heard of lip primer, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself asking whether it's something that's actually necessary. Below, we’re sharing why lip primer is necessary, plus a simple lip makeup routine for a gorgeous, long-lasting pout.


What Is Lip Primer?

Lip primer, as the name suggests, is a base applied to your lips that allows your lip color to stay put. Think of it as being similar to makeup primer that you would use on your face. Just as you apply face primer to help your foundation, concealer, and other face makeup products lay evenly and last, lip primer does the exact same thing for your lips. Lip primer comes in various forms, like balms and pencils, all similar to your favorite lip products. They’re all meant to be worn under your lipstick. 

The Benefits of Lip Primer

Lip primer is a makeup essential for good reason. If you are undecided on whether it’s a must for your makeup routine, you may want to know about these four lip primer benefits.

1. Long-Lasting Lip Color

As we mentioned above, lip primers are great for increasing the longevity of your lip makeup looks. Their formulas work to keep your lip color in place for an extended period of time without any fading or unevenness.

2. No Feathering

If you’re left with feathered lips by the end of the day, lip primer can help with that. Since it creates a base for your lipstick, you won’t have to worry about lipstick bleeding outside of your lip line as the day progresses.

3. No Creasing

Does your lipstick always crease or settle into fine lines and become crackly? A lip primer can be the fix for that because it fills in those lines, which allows your lipstick to apply more evenly, avoiding that dreaded crackly texture. 

4. Smooth Base

Lip products can cling to dry patches and settle into lip lines if your lips are not prepped and primed. Lip primer creates a smooth, moisturized base for your lipstick, allowing it to adhere better and appear smoother

How to Use Lip Primer

Ready to add lip primer for your everyday look? Try this easy routine.

Step 1. Exfoliate

Think exfoliating is only reserved for your face? Think again. Since you clearly want your lip makeup to last all day long, exfoliation is key. It helps to remove dead skin cell buildup, leaving you with smooth lips that are ready for lip color application. Use a lip scrub or wet the corner of a washcloth and lightly rub it over your lips to smooth the area and remove any flakes. 

Step 2. Moisturize Your Pout

Once you’re done buffing the dead skin cells off your lips, hydrate your pout with a moisturizing lip balm. Give the lip balm five to ten minutes to sink into the skin before applying your primer. 

Step 3. Apply Your Lip Primer

Now it’s time for the main event: applying lip primer. Smooth your lip primer onto your lips, laying down a base for the rest of your lip makeup. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way, so apply a thin layer to your lips and give it a couple of minutes to dry. 

Step 4. Line Your Lids

Lip liner helps keep your lip color on your lips without the fear of any bleeding or feathering. To create the perfect lip, reach for L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner and line your lips. Be sure to follow your natural lip shape for a precise finish.

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Step 5. Swipe on Lipstick

Once your lips are lined, reach for L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Intense Volume Matte Lipstick. On the top lip, start in the center, defining your Cupid’s bow and applying lipstick until you reach the outer corner. On the bottom lip, fill in the color corner to corner. Be sure to stay within the lines for a picture-perfect pout.

Step 6. Blot

Using a tissue, lightly press down on your lips to remove excess product. Take a final look in the mirror to ensure everything looks good. 

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