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How to Wear Trendy Purple Mascara for Any Season

Switch out your go-to black tube for this fun color.
December 04, 2023

Black mascara
is forever a staple in many a makeup bag. But a simple switch for a shade of vampy purple or inky blue can be a really nice way to elevateyour makeup look. it still adds the definition we’re looking for from our mascara, while providing the subtlest pop of color that helps illuminate your natural eye shade.

Purple mascara is a great pick for everyone, especially those with brown eyes because it complements the rich, chocolate hue. Read on to learn about six different ways to include purple mascara in your makeup routine, plus our favorite purple mascaras from L’Oréal Paris to help you achieve the look. 


Does Purple Mascara Make Blue Eyes Pop?

We mentioned that purple mascara highlights brown eyes because it complements the rich, woody hue, but that doesn’t mean it’s off the table for those with blue or green eyes. If you have blue or green eyes, purple mascara will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter, which will help make your lashes appear darker and more defined. Overall, purple mascara is a win all around, for every eye color. 

Our Favorite Purple Mascaras

Purple mascara should provide the same lift, volume and length as your go-to black mascara. Here are two formulas to shop that deliver all of that. 


L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Lift Washable Color Mascara in Galactic Purple 

Achieve lift, length and volume in a stunning shade of purple with this viral drugstore favorite. It includes a two sided brush with one side to add volume and another side to separate the lashes so you never have to worry about clumps. Plus, it comes in shades like black, purple and blue to fulfill all of your lash needs.

L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara in Deep Violet

This violet mascara has the same cult-classic L’Oréal Paris Voluminous formula that separates and builds every lash with intense volume and thickness for a bold look. We also appreciate that it resists clumping, flaking, and keeps your lashes soft.
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6 Ways to Incorporate Purple Mascara Into Your Eye Makeup

If you’re looking for ways to include purple mascara into your makeup routine, here are six ideas to consider.

1. Color Block Lashes

No rule says that you have to keep your eyelashes one color. If you’re not quite ready to give your black mascara a rest, you don’t have to. The color-block mascara trend gives you free rein to incorporate two (or more) colors into one look. In this case, you’ll be combining black and purple mascaras to spice up your fringe. 

All you have to do is layer the middle section of your lashes with the royal shade, like Telescopic Lift Washable Color Mascara in Galactic Purple, and apply black mascara, like L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Instant Lift Washable Mascara, to the inner and outer areas of your eyelashes.

2. Two-Tone Lashes

Two-toned lashes are another modern way to wear more than one mascara shade. This look is similar to color-block mascara, with the only difference being that you’ll wear the purple hue on your top lashes with a second shade on the bottom. This look is a fantastic way to play with color and make your fringe the center of attention. You should also note that it’s super-easy to create. Start by applying your purple mascara, to your top lashes, then sweep the second shade onto your bottom eyelashes. 

3. Purple Lashes With Matching Liner

While purple mascara makes quite the statement when worn alone, you can also take your look to the next level by matching your eyeliner to your mascara. Line your lids with L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Aubergine — if you’re feeling a little flirty, flick the ends of your liner to create a winged effect. Follow up by coating your lashes with purple mascara.

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4. Colorful Bottom Lashes

Another stylish way to not give up your traditional black mascara is to try the bold bottom lashes trend. This look is all about flaunting color on your bottom lashes so your eyes stand out. Layer your upper fringe with black mascara, like L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Panorama Washable Mascara, and coat your bottom lashes with a purple shade, like Telescopic Lift Washable Color Mascara in Galactic Purple, for a subtle pop of color.

5. All-Over Purple Lashes 

If you’re not afraid of color, commit to the look with a generous helping of purple mascara. Simply coat your top and bottom lashes with a few coats of purple mascara. As a result, you’ll have a bold and bright look that’s very easy to achieve.

6. Pale Eyeshadow With Purple Lashes

When it comes to wearing purple mascara, it’s all about making a statement. Instead of flaunting your colorful mascara all on its own, add some pizzazz to your eye makeup look with the help of eyeshadow. With the right shade of eyeshadow, such as light pink, you can create contrast that will make your purple lashes pop.

Grab a shimmery eyeshadow, like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Little Beige Dress, and apply the color all over your lids. Then, coat your lashes with purple mascara and you’ll totally embody the cool-girl aesthetic.

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Photo Design: Sarah Duviver

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