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How To Use a Bent Eyeliner Brush To Get a Flawless Wing

November 06, 2020

Whether you’re a makeup pro or novice, there’s no denying the power of a statement winged eyeliner look. After all, it continues to reign supreme decade after decade. That said, creating a flawless wing is easier said than done thanks to shaky hands and the pressure to ensure both flicks are identical. So, we understand why the bent eyeliner brush has gained popularity. This handy makeup brush may just be your secret weapon when it comes to achieving your sharpest, most precise wing. If you’re interested in learning more, we’re diving into all of the details on the bent liner brush, below.

What Is a Bent Eyeliner Brush?

A bent eyeliner brush is exactly what it sounds like: an eyeliner brush that has a bent tip. This bent tip makes it easier to achieve a precise, sharp line every time. You can maneuver it by holding the brush at different angles, making it easier to create a wing on both eyes. The bent brush works particularly well with gel eyeliner formulas but can also be used to apply powder and liquid liner. That said, this brush takes a bit of finesse when it comes to learning how to use it, which is why it’s more commonly seen in the makeup bags of pros. But that’s not to say you can’t master it for yourself.

How To Use a Bent Eyeliner Brush

If you’re up for learning how to use a bent eyeliner brush, simply follow the steps below.

Step #1. Grab Your Eyeliner

Like we mentioned, winged eyeliner brushes work best with gel liner formulas. Try pairing one with our L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H. While this gel eyeliner comes with an eyeliner brush of its own, you can set it aside in favor of your bent eyeliner brush for the sake of this tutorial.

Step #2. Angle Your Hand

Dip your bent eyeliner brush into the gel liner jar to pick up the product. Rather than holding the brush straight as you would with a traditional eyeliner brush, you’ll want to angle your hand so that the bent brush tip is parallel to your lid. Think of it as similar to holding a pencil.

Step #3. Draw and Flick

Carefully drag the brush along your upper lash line starting at the inner corner. As you reach the outer corner of your eye, carefully turn your hand to adjust the angle of your bent brush tip to create a flawless wing. Repeat on the other eye.

3 Other Ways To Use a Bent Eyeliner Brush

We mentioned that you can also use a bent eyeliner brush to apply liquid and powder formulas, but you don’t have to limit this brush to creating a perfect wing. Here are three additional times you may want to put it to use.

1. Tightline Your Upper Lash Line

You can also use this brush to expertly place powder liner along your upper lash line and tightline your eyes. You can do this by pressing the powder into your lashes with the bent tip for an instantly thicker and fuller-looking appearance.

Editor’s note: If you’re unsure what tightlining is, click over to our article, What Is Tightlining? Everything You Need To Know About This Invisible Eyeliner Technique.

2. Clean Up Eyeliner Mishaps

Sure, you can use a cotton swab and makeup remover to wipe away any stray lines or eyeliner mistakes if need be, but a bent liner brush works wonders in its place. This is because your eyeliner brush will have a smaller, more precise tip, making it easier to navigate the brush and remove what was a mistake and keep what’s meant to be there. Simply dip the tip into the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof - All Skin Types and manicure it where needed post eyeliner application.

3. Line Your Lips

A bent liner brush may be meant for your eyeliner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put it to use when lining your lips. There are no set rules! If you like the idea of holding your hand at an angle, try dipping the tip of a bent eyeliner brush into a creamy lipstick formula and using it to outline your pout.

Next up: Now that you’re an expert on the bent eyeliner brush, let’s tackle another popular makeup tool. Here’s How To Use an Oval Makeup Brush.

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