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17 Stunning Half-Up, Half-Down Bun Hairstyles You Should Try

September 02, 2020

When it comes to the hair-styling department, half-up bun hairstyles offer the best of both worlds. They're a great way to keep your locks stylishly tucked away while allowing you to show off your length—plus, they're too cute to boot. If you’ve been keeping up with your favorite A-listers, you’ll see that the half-bun hairstyle has become the trend of the moment. Further, with nearly 50K Instagram users showing off their hairstyles with the #halfbun hashtag, now is the perfect time to incorporate this style into your repertoire. 

We’ve got you covered with the 17 best half-up bun hairstyles, all of which are perfect for updo lovers—whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or anything in between. Follow along and find your half-up, half-down bun 'do match below. 


The pretzel bun is a hairstyle that brings a unique flair to your look. This half updo helps your mane sport a thicker and fuller appearance, which complements thin hair textures perfectly. Start by dividing your hair into two sections with a horizontal part in the middle of your head and clip the bottom half out of the way. Apply a touch of hair gel, such as the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel to your roots and brush the top part of your hair toward the center of your head. 

Secure the top section of your hair into a ponytail, twist the length, and begin to wrap it around its base to form a bun. Once the length of your ponytail is fully wrapped, secure the bun with bobby pins, making sure that the grooved side is up for a lasting hold. Release the clipped part of your hair, and your look is complete. 


If you want to double the fun with your bun hairstyles, try switching things up with the double pretzel bun trend. This style features not one, but two pretzel buns that will add chic detailing to your look. We also love that this hairstyle can be pulled together in just a few minutes. 

For a slick look, start by applying a bit of hair gel to your roots, and brush your hair back. Then, part your hair down the middle, creating two large sections, and clip one side away. Gather your loose section of hair into a ponytail and form a pretzel bun as you normally would. Repeat on the other side to finish things off.


Space buns are a great choice if you prefer to rock a style that’s equally playful and trendy. This look is all about adding two buns into the mix for a simple yet tasteful look. Try the hairstyle for yourself with the help of our article, How to Do Space Buns.


You may not be heading to dance class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try the ballerina bun hairstyle. This number gives your mane an ultra-smooth, wet look that adds just the right amount of edge for a chic style. We also appreciate that it makes for a sophisticated professional hairstyle and will work on the days when you prefer a clean-cut look. Click through to our article, How to Do a Ballerina Bun, to master the trend. 


Make your bun hairstyling easy by relying on the classic sock bun. This style consists of pulling your ponytail through a donut-shaped sock and tucking your loose strands around the hair tool to create the perfect bun. As a result, you’ll have the chic updo that’s free of any loose strands or flyways. Head on over to our article, How to Do a Sock Bun, for all the details. 

#6. BRUN

If you love the idea of combining a pretty woven pattern with a bun, the brun hairstyle awaits! As the name suggests, this style bridges the gap between the coveted bun and braid for a standout look. This hairstyle also gives your locks a playful touch and adds texture into the mix. Best of all, just like any half-up bun hairstyle, you can pull this look together with a few simple steps. Visit our article, Braid Meets Bun: How to Get a Brun Hairstyle, to learn exactly how to DIY it. 


The messy bun is a cool way to hop on the half-up bun trend without an intricate styling process. This minimalist style allows you to create a super-easy look in little to no time by simply fastening your hair into a ponytail and creating an imperfect bun. Check out our article, How to Create a Messy Bun for a step-by-step routine. 


Make textured locks the shining star of your messy bun look with gorgeous curls. This boho-chic half-bun hairstyle gives your look a carefree and romantic touch that won’t go unnoticed. Simply part your curly hair from ear to ear and twist the top section of hair into a messy bun, leaving a few curls hanging free at the front. Voila!


If you have natural hair, this bun will look absolutely stunning on you. A half-bun hairstyle like this will complement your look perfectly, whether you’re out doing chores or have a party to attend. This style will help you sport a defined and stylish look and make your texture the center of attention. Kick things off by adding a generous amount of the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse to damp strands, “scrunch,” and let your hair air dry.

Once your hair is dry, part it from ear to ear, and clip the bottom section out of the way. Gather your hair at the center of your head and create a ponytail. Wrap the length of your ponytail around its base to form a bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Release the bottom section and mist your hair with a shine spray like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray, and your work is done. 


Twists are a noteworthy style that pair well with the half-up bun trend. So, you may want to consider opting for a twisted low bun. This look is all about adding twists to the front of your strands for an edgy and unique touch. To start, divide your hair into two sections and fasten the lower half out of the way. Split the top half into two parts and clip one side out of the way. 

Separate your hair into equally-sized sections, create a two-strand twist, and secure with a hair elastic at the ends. Repeat on the other side. Next, combine both twists into a ponytail and loosely roll the length around its base to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Release the bottom section, and you’re good to go. 


The double French braided bun is a cool way to step into the world of Parisian flair.  This classic style works wonders to rev up the woven texture throughout your mane for a winning look. It’s also super easy to pull off. Part your mane at your ears to create a top and bottom section. Split the top half with a middle part and clip the other side. Gather three small sections of hair and build a French braid.

Right before you reach the length of your braid, secure your hair with a clear elastic, and repeat on the other side. Combine the length of each braid into a ponytail and form a small bun. Keep your loose strands in place with bobby pins. Release and fluff the bottom section of your hair. Spritz some shine spray over your finished “do,” and your style is complete.


Now that we’ve stepped into the world of braided buns, it’s only right that the Dutch braid bun hairstyle takes center stage. This offering allows you to flaunt a large Dutch braid at the center of your head for a single-braided masterpiece. 

To get the look, part your hair into two sections, and make sure that the top section is smaller than the bottom. Fasten the bottom section with a hair clip. Starting at your hairline, divide the top section into three equally-sized strands and weave a Dutch braid. Once you reach the center of your head, secure your braid with a clear elastic, and form a bun. Unclip the bottom half of your hair, and you’re ready to take on your day.


The fishtail bun is a whimsical hairstyle that sets the tone to give your look a romantic vibe. This style shows off your creative side with braiding and makes a lasting impression. It’s also easy to create, which is the ultimate bonus! All you need to do is split your hair into two equal sections, a top and a bottom. Create a ponytail on the top half and form a fishtail braid. Twist the braid into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.


The loose wave bun is a style that any minimalist would love. It’s versatile, so it can transition from day to night with ease. Bring this look to life by dividing your strands into top and bottom layers. With your top layer, fasten your loose waves into a ponytail. Gently wrap your locks into a bun. Don’t worry if you have any loose strands; you want your loose waves to hang free for an ethereal look. Fluff your waves and call it a day!


If you’re game to up the ante on traditional half-up bun hairstyles, you may want to add the layered bun look to your must-try list. This look is similar to double bun hairstyles but shakes things up by placing one bun right underneath the other for a layered look. 

Part your hair into two even sections, then clip up the bottom section. Repeat on the top layer. Add a bit of hair gel to your roots and brush your hair toward the top of your head. Gather into a bun, secure with a hair tie; do the same on the remaining half of your top section. Leave the bottom half of your mane down.


The classic half-up bun is a stunner all on its own. And when you add accessories into the mix, the look is even more polished. Simply part your hair into two even sections and clip the bottom half out of the way. Gather your hair and create a ponytail. Roll the length of your ponytail around its base to create a bun. Secure stray hairs with bobby pins. Tie a ribbon around your bun, twist it into a bow, and release the bottom section to finish up your style.


Wearing a half-bun isn’t out of the question if you have short hair. Once you master the baby half-bun hairstyle, you can get your short locks in on the fun. Part your hair horizontally and create a half-up ponytail. While long-haired ladies can coil magnificent half-buns with ease, short-haired gals need to get creative. So, instead of twisting a teensy, tiny half-bun, just grab a few pieces of hair “here and there,” and pin them in place for a voluminous baby half-bun that’s built upon itself. 

Since you won’t want your baby half-bun to fall flat, use the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Volume as a finishing touch. We told you this would look fab! 

If you’re ready to rock more than just a half-bun, next, check out 28 Braided Updos to Upgrade Your Basic Bun

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