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Short Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Get a Piecey Pixie Haircut

November 21, 2017

You know how creating the perfect no makeup, makeup look is actually just as much work as doing a dramatic cat eye? The same goes for undone hair styles. As nice as it would be if it were true, those effortless hairstyles you admire on models and social media stars aren’t acquired by merely getting up and heading out the door without a second glance in the mirror. There’s hard work and products (like hair serum, hair cream, hair pomade, hair gel, and hair texturizer) at play to create the illusion of effortlessness. That’s why we’re here to break down the illusion. If you’ve dreamt of rock a perfectly piecey pixie haircut, we’ve got you covered. Below, a step-by-step tutorial for creating—and styling—a piecey pixie haircut.

How to Get a Piecey Pixie Haircut

Follow our step-by-step tips for getting—and styling—a piecey pixie haircut.

Step #1: Crop your hair. If you’re reading about styling a piecey pixie, you’ve probably already cut your hair super-short, but just in case you haven’t made the leap—that’s your first step. Bye, bye long hair. Don’t worry, pixie haircuts aren’t reserved for those with immaculate bone structure and flawless everything else. There’s a pixie haircut for everyone and anyone. Oval face shapes can pull off almost any pixie haircut, while rounder faces are better suited to styles that feature an angled bang. If you have a square face, a shaggy pixie haircut is your best bet, and those with heart-shaped faces will want to try pairing their pixie haircut with a soft bang.

Step #2: Protect your hair from heat. Before reaching for your blow-dryer, make sure to apply a heat protectant first. Try the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray. Spritz the heat protectant onto damp hair from roots to ends. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute the heat protectant, then you’re ready to hit your hair with some heat. (If you prefer to skip the heat completely, air dry your hair instead. For help making the switch, learn about Our Best Air Dry Hair Products.)

Step #3: Blow-dry your hair. Once you have heat protection handled, all you’ll need is your handy dandy blow-dryer and a round brush. Start blow-drying your hair on a low setting, and pull the brush through your hair as you go. Keep going until your hair is totally dry.

Step #4: Work hair texturizer through your hair. Taking your pixie haircut from polished to piecey is all about your hair styling product pick. Smooth on a hair serum or hair cream and your look is instantly elegant and pulled together. Rough it up with a hair pomade or hair gel, and a piecey pixie haircut is all yours. Since we already know you’re opting for a piecey look, can you jump straight to using hair texturizer. The L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Out of Bed Texturizer helps create messy, piecey, and texturized hair styles that aren’t greasy or hard, leaving you with that quick, easy, “just out of bed” look. Apply the hair texturizer through the length of your hair, focusing on your ends. 

Step #5: Tousle and shape. Of course, hair texturizer can’t magically do all the work on its own. Your fingers need to help, too. Put those babies to work, tousling your hair. Use your fingers to mold pieces and shape your piecey pixie haircut.

Step #6: Add more hair texturizer and adjust. Don’t worry if you haven’t reached your desired level of piecey-ness just yet. You’re free to keep adding hair texturizer until you get exactly what you’re looking for. Add a little more hair texturizer, then continue shaping and styling. Keep going until you’re happy with how piecey your pixie haircut looks.

Step #7: Spritz with hair spray. Is not using hair spray ever really an option? We think not. (If you aren’t quite as passionate about hair spray, you will be after reading our 6 Hairspray Hacks Every Woman Should Know.) When you’re done styling your piecey pixie haircut, there’s nothing left to do but spritz your hair to set everything in place. Use a strong hold, volumizing hair spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold Volume, as a finishing touch, then you’re ready to turn heads and inspire future hairstyles with your messed-up pixie haircut.

Short hair may make it seem like you have fewer styling options, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Once you’ve chopped your hair to pixie length, there are all sorts of exciting new styles to put to the test. For more ideas, let us direct you to our piece on 5 Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair.

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