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The Best of Both Worlds: 6 Half-Up Hairstyles to Try

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The Best of Both Worlds: 6 Half-Up Hairstyles to Try The Best of Both Worlds: 6 Half-Up Hairstyles to Try The Best of Both Worlds: 6 Half-Up Hairstyles to Try

Find yourself constantly torn between putting your locks into an updo or letting them hang free? Well, you know what they say—mix it all together and you know you’ve got the best of both worlds! Half-up hairstyles blend together everything you’re looking for in a hairstyle, meaning they’re the answer to your indecisive prayers—not to mention they’re totally gorgeous. Whether you’re rocking a short, medium, or long ‘do, there’s a half-up hairstyle for you! Keep reading for six half-up hairstyles to try in your next beauty look.


If you have short hair, you may feel limited in your hair styling options—especially when it comes to putting your short strands into an updo or ponytail. Don’t fret! Half-up hairstyles are the perfect way to get your short locks out of your face and expertly styled. Try one of the following half-up hairstyles for short hair.

Half-up hairstyle #1: Party pony

The hairstyle you likely sported as a child (along with colorful hair accessories) has made a major comeback. The party pony is a hairstyle we’re seeing everywhere from work to the bar. Even better, this hairstyle can be worn with straight, wavy, or curly strands! Here’s how to get it:

Step #1: Section your hair

To start, you’ll want to create a top and bottom section of your hair. The size of your top section will end up being your party pony, so you’ll probably want it to be a little smaller than the bottom section of hair that you’ll be leaving down. We recommend creating your section about one inch above your ear.

Step #2: Put it up

Once you’ve gathered your top section of hair, it’s time to create your party pony! The key to this hairstyle is to have your pony sitting on the very top of the back of your head. Make sure to smooth your hair before securing your ponytail to ensure there aren’t any unwanted bumps or knots in the finished product. Secure your pony with a clear elastic.

Step #3: Secure your style

That’s it! To finish the look, spritz your hair with the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray, which will help keep your strands in place throughout the day.

Half-up hairstyle #2: Half-up top knot

We love this hairstyle because it combines two of our favorite looks—long, free locks and a carefree top knot! Follow the steps below to create it for yourself.

Step #1: Section your mane

This may feel like déjà vu, but you’ll start this hairstyle off the same way you did the party pony, by separating your hair into a top and bottom section. Once again, split your hair starting about one inch above your ear.

Step #2: Create your bun

Take the top section of hair and use it to create your top knot! First, create a ponytail at the top of your head where you want your top knot to be placed, securing it with a clear elastic. Then, wrap the length of your locks around the base of your pony to create a bun. Pin your hair into place with a few bobby pins, not worrying about the occasional stray strand.

Step #3: Add some hairspray

Finish the look off with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Fine Control Hairspray.


If you have medium length hair, you can get a little more creative with your half-up hairstyle of choice. Try one of the following two half-up hairstyles for medium hair!

Half-up hairstyle #3: Unicorn braid

While the title of this half-up hairstyle includes “braid,” we assure you there’s no braiding required! This is ideal for those with medium hair because braids can quickly use up the length of your locks. Here’s how to get the look:

Step #1: Section your hair

As with our other half-up tutorials, you want to begin by sectioning your hair. For this half-up style, create a section at the front of your head that’s about three inches wide. The size of your section can vary based on your personal preference. Tie the rest of your hair back into a loose, low ponytail for now.

Step #2: Create a ponytail

Working with the top section of hair you just created, make a smaller section within it that goes back about an inch, starting at your hairline. Use that section to create a miniature ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic.

Step #3: Continue your “braid”

Allow that first miniature pony to fall forward, hanging down over your forehead. Then, create another miniature pony behind that one. Once you have your second pony, split the first ponytail you created in half (while still letting it hang down across your forehead) and place your second ponytail in the center of it so that both ponytails are hanging down. Then, take the two halves of your original ponytail and pull then around the second ponytail, incorporating them back into your main section of hair. Still with us?

Step #4: Section, section, section

Create another miniature ponytail and incorporate the halves from your first ponytail. Split your second pony into two (and keep it hanging down over your forehead), allow your third ponytail to fall down the center, and bring the two halves back into your main section of hair. You see where we’re going with this?

Step #5: Finish your unicorn braid

Continue to section, split, and section until you’ve almost made it to the back of your head. Then, take the “braid” that is now hanging down your forehead and gently pull it back on top of your head. Secure the unicorn braid with a clear elastic and check out your handy work. It’ll look as though you braided the top portion of your hair with no actual braiding required.

Step #6: Seal the deal

After all that hard work, you’ll want to seal in your style. Let your bottom section of hair hang free, then use the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray to do just that.

Half-up hairstyle #4: Half-up space buns

We don’t want to brag—but this half-up hairstyle is totally out of this world. Learn how to do it in our step-by-step tutorial below.

Step #1: Section your mane

Just as with every other half-up hairstyle, start by separating your locks into top and bottom sections. For this hairstyle, your top section should only go about halfway to the back of your head.

Step #2: Split your hair in two

Divide the top section of your hair it into two equally-sized sections that will be used for your space buns.

Step #3: Put it up

Take one half of your top section and put it into a ponytail with a clear elastic on one side of your head. Do the same with the other half, making sure this ponytail mirrors the position of your first pony.

Step #4: Create your buns

Grab your first ponytail and wrap the lengths of it around the base to form a bun. Bobby pin the bun into place. Do the same with the second ponytail, making sure your buns look the same!

Step #5: Grab some hairspray

That’s it! Finish up by spritzing your mane with some hairspray.


Have long, luscious locks? You’re in luck. Here are two half-up hairstyles for long hair:

Half-up hairstyle #5: Half-up braided top knot

Love the idea of a half-up top knot? How about taking that idea to the next level? You can take things up a notch with a half-up braided top knot (because everyone knows a braid makes any style better). Head over to our article, How to Weave a Half-Up Braided Top Knot, for a step-by-step tutorial.

Half-up hairstyle #6: Dino braid

Love the idea of a unicorn braid? You can get the same look sans a bunch of elastics by actually braiding the top layer of your hair. Your long strands are perfect for this style, so follow along with our tutorial.

Step #1: Section your hair

Create a top section of hair that’s about three inches wide. Tie the rest of your hair into a loose low ponytail to keep it out of the way for now.

Step #2: Braid away

Starting at the front, begin to Dutch braid the top section. Once you near the back of your head, secure the braid with a clear elastic. Easy, peasy!

Step #3: Complete your style

Release the bottom layer of your hair from the ponytail and you'll see your style come to life. Spritz with hairspray to keep your dino braid in place all day long and that’s a wrap.

Can’t get enough of the half-up look? Here are 7 Half-Bun Hairstyles for Every Hair Type.