braid hairstyles 5 Finishing Touches to Transform Your Braids

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So, you’ve finally mastered the perfect braid, huh? While creating a plait may be easier than ever now, a gorgeous braid doesn’t end with the final weave. Rather, it all comes down to the tiny finishing touches that make all the difference in the world. Wonder how something so small could make such a stylish impact? Below, we share five easy ways to take your basic braids to gorgeous new heights.

1. The Elastic-Free Plait

No hair tie? No problem! While some styles may be impossible without an elastic handy, braids are not among them. To get the look, divide your hair into three sections at the top and leave everything tangled together at the bottom. Begin weaving your braid and once you reach the tangled portion, flip it through the last woven section of your braid for a magical finish. Since you’re working without a hair tie, it’s a good idea to give your braid a solid spritz of a strong hold hairspray, like the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold.

2. The Jumbo Braid

Ladies with thick hair may have no problem creating gorgeous, thick braids, but those of us who are less than blessed in the hair department don’t have quite as much luck. Does that mean we shouldn’t be able to rock pretty plaits full of style? Of course not! To give the appearance of a fuller braid, all you have to do is use your fingers or a rat tail comb to gently tug at each weave of the braid. When pulling, be sure to not to do so too hard, because this can cause your braid to actually unravel. If in the process a strand or two pops out of place, don’t stress it! Slightly undone braids are totally on trend these days. After all, what’s better than an effortlessly pretty style?

3. The Textured Braid

Like we said, nowadays there’s nothing quite as alluring as hair that looks completely effortless. Think: slightly undone, muffed up hairstyles that scream “I woke up like this.” Scrolling through your social media feeds, you’ve surely seen hairstyles that look perfectly imperfect—and you may have even questioned why you’re not able to recreate the same look. Shouldn’t something that messy be easy? Believe it or not, it actually is—you might just be going about it all wrong. When it comes to braiding, just weave as you normally would. To muff up your perfect plait, grab a clean, dry toothbrush to create texture by running it against the direction of your hair.

4. The Charmed Braid

Looking to turn up the boho charm? With each weave of your braid, add a hair ring or charm to the mix. By the time you reach the ends, your hair will be gleaming. Hair rings are a super-simple way to instantly transform your traditional braids—and this look is perfect for the everyday or that upcoming festival you’re stoked about.

5. The Ribbon Braid

If you’re eager to add major romantic, boho chic style to your look, grab a piece of your favorite ribbon. All you have to do is loop an extra-long piece of ribbon through your hair tie before securing your hair into a high ponytail. Next, split your hair into two sections so that you have four sections to work with altogether: both sections of hair and both sides of the ribbon. You’ll want the two sections of ribbon on one side and your two sections of hair on the other. Take one ribbon and loop it around the underside of your braid and back over the top so it’s still on the side that it started. Then bring your other section of hair underneath and over that same ribbon. Next, bring the other ribbon under and over in the same fashion. Continue this process all the way to the ends of your braid. You can either tie it off with the excess ribbon or a clear mini elastic.

Happy braiding!