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How to Choose the Right Wonder Water Formula for You

These rinse-out treatments transform your hair in just eight seconds.
February 20, 2023

Hair treatments
are a great way to address any specific hair concerns you have, and L’Oréal Paris’s Wonder Water products are an easy way to add intense hydration to your strands. Wonder water is a type of lamellar rinse-out treatment, and the water-based products are like your favorite leave-in conditioner, but even quicker and easier to use.

And while L’Oréal Paris’s wonder water offerings are pretty similar, there are some key differences for certain hair types. Here, how to choose the best wonder water formula for your hair.

What Does L’Oreal Wonder Water Do For Your Hair?

Lamellar water treatments like L’Oréal Paris’s Wonder Water target just the dry and damaged parts of your hair, so your strands won’t feel weighed down or heavy. The lamellar technology in the Wonder Water treatment coats the hair with moisturizing agents and an amino acid.

When the Wonder Water is on your strands, it forms thin layers called lamellars that will leave your hair smoother and shinier after the treatment, and even if you don’t have any current dryness or damage, lamellar water can benefit most hair types, including curly and color-treated hair.
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Why Does Wonder Water Get Hot?

Wonder Water gets hot because of the reaction of the lamellar treatment mixing with water and activating — that means it’s working!

Can Lamellar Water Replace Conditioner?

While similar, lamellar water can’t replace conditioner. Lamellar water just treats the damaged parts of your hair, and shouldn’t be used on the scalp, but conditioner can be used all over the hair. Conditioning and deep conditioning should still be a part of your hair care routine in conjunction with the Wonder Water.

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Which Wonder Water Formula Is Best for Your Hair Needs?

L’Oréal Paris’s three Wonder Waters all offer hair care benefits, but you’ll need to pick the right one for you.


For Dry Hair: L’Oréal Paris Elvive Hyaluron + Plump Flash Hydration Wonder Water, Sulfate-Free

Hyaluronic acid is a skin care favorite for its hydrating properties, and this Wonder Water formula is inspired by the ingredient. It provides fast hydration for soft, weightless hair, with.To complete the hair care system, grab L’Oréal Paris Elvive Hyaluron + Plump Hydrating Shampoo, Paraben-Free and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Hyaluron + Plump Hydrating Conditioner, Paraben-Free for plump and nourished strands.

For Long Hair: L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Rinse Out

If you have long hair that’s damaged or frizzy,  this Wonder Water will treat your strands to the care and nourishment it needs, which could help you retain length and avoid needing a haircut to get rid of split ends or damage. The hair treatment leaves you with smooth and sleek hair, and it pairs perfectly with L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo for Long, Damaged Hair and L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Conditioner for Long, Damaged Hair to reduce breakage and protect your hair..

For All Hair Types: L’Oréal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment

This wonder water formula works for all hair types and textures. The lamellar water treatment works in just eight seconds to visibly transform hair in a single use, so your strands will look and feel healthier, shinier and silkier. Use it with L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate Free Simply Clean Shampoo with Essential Oil and L’Oréal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate Free Simply Clean Conditioner with Essential Oil for a complete gentle cleansing and conditioning routine. 

How to Use L’Oréal Wonder Water 

Lamellar water treatments will easily fit into your existing hair care routine. Follow these simple steps to add one into your daily or weekly hair care routine.

Step 1. Wash your hair as usual, being sure to rinse out shampoo completely.

Step 2. Apply the Wonder Water treatment that’s best for you to your lengths, avoiding your scalp and roots so they don’t become greasy. Massage the treatment into your hair for eight seconds, then rinse it out. 

Step 3. Follow the hair treatment with your conditioner, then rinse and move on to styling as usual.

How Often Should You Use L’Oréal Paris Wonder Water?

You can use the L’Oréal Paris Wonder Water as part of your hair care routine two to three times a week. If you wash your hair less often than that, then just add the Wonder Water to your routine on wash day.

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