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The Best Fragrances for Spring

We’ve talked how to pick the best winter perfume, organizing your perfume collection and fragrance hacks, but with spring on our heels, it’s time to break down the best perfumes for women this blooming season. While winter was full of woody fragrances, spring is the season of florals, fruits, and sweets—oh my! And if you’re anything like us, you’re spritzing your favorite fragrances whether your events are virtual or in-person. A great scent can just lift your entire mood and boost your confidence. Ready to upgrade your spring beauty look by topping things off with a signature scent? Below, we’re sharing the best women’s fragrances for spring.


With fresh fruits beginning to come into their prime, spring is the perfect opportunity to sport a fruity scent. These light, pretty scents are ideal for daytime activities like a picnic in the park or Sunday brunch, though we’re also fans of spritzing with one for your next date night too.

RED BERRIES: If you love a tangy or zesty fragrance, reach for one with red berry notes such as raspberry, goji or blackberry. They create an ultra sweet base and mix well with other notes to create a head-turning aroma.

PEACH: Another fresh, fruity scent, peach offers a bright and fruity element to your fragrance. This is a yummy scent to help you transition into warm, summer vibes.

APPLE: Possibly one of the most popular fruity fragrances, apple scents are ideal for those who want to fully embrace a fun, sweet yet tart scent that’s straight out of the orchard.


Citrus, aquatic, and green scents fall under the category of fresh fragrances. Wear them to casual gatherings during daytime hours. They tend to be light and airy (especially depending on the base notes) so make sure you spritz in places that will make your fragrance last.

BERGAMOT: Bergamot fragrances are crisp and tart, just like the distinct fruit. This scent can be worn for just about any occasion but is a particularly great option for those more formal events like a baby or bridal shower.

LEMON: Bright, fresh, and zesty, lemon is a great citrus fragrance for spring. This scent will emphasize your fun, carefree side.

FRESH LINEN: Need a professional fragrance? Look no further than fresh linen, which, as you may have guessed, smells of sheets straight out of the dryer. Spritz some on before work or an in-person interview to give off a clean, put-together impression.

Editor’s Note: Want to make sure your moisturizer doesn’t compete with your perfume? Try a fragrance-free option like the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Anti-Aging Moisturizer Fragrance Free to get the skin care benefits you’ve come to love, just without the scent.


We bet you’ve been waiting for this fragrance category! After all, nothing says spring quite like fresh flowers blossoming. Floral fragrances are particularly romantic, so consider wearing them on an intimate dinner date.

ROSE: The most popular of the florals, rose is quite possibly as romantic as it gets when it comes to fragrances. If you’re aiming for a scent that will allude to a charming, mysterious aura, consider misting with a rose fragrance for spring.

CHERRY BLOSSOM: Cherry blossom fragrances have a vivid, intense, and bitter-sweet smell. The scent conveys elegance, so consider wearing one to a wedding or other in-person black-tie event.

JASMINE: If you like a rich floral that offers a sensual and powerful aroma, look for a jasmine fragrance. It’s almost as popular as rose for romantic fragrances with a hint or floral flair.


Warm fragrances that offer a hint of spice and gourmand are a must if you like to smell good enough to eat. While these may not be a top pick for a sunny spring day (and are often relegated to colder weather months), we recommend using one before a first date or night out with your favorite girls.

AMBER: Rich, musky, and honey-like are a few words that come to mind when describing an amber scent. The warm, earthy fragrance will draw in whoever you’re around.

VANILLA: Vanilla fragrances instantly convey a sweet, innocent ambiance. Much like a delicious vanilla cupcake straight out of the oven, the scent is comforting, warm, and inviting—a perfect combination for a romantic night in.

CHOCOLATE: If you’re searching for a scent that’ll leave a lasting impression, look no further than a chocolate fragrance. Rich, sweet, and irresistible, everyone will be dying to get a whiff!

Photo Credit: Chaunte Vaughn

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