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How to Organize Your Perfume Collection

February 13, 2019

You might have your makeup storage down to a tee, but have you ever thought about organizing your perfume collection? We’ve all seen those enviable Instagram posts of a perfectly-organized perfume tray, accented by peonies and designer coffee table books. While it’s true that most things look better on social media, especially when it comes to beauty trends, your perfume collection doesn’t have to be one of them. Whether your perfume collection consists of 20 perfumes or two, we bet there’s a gorgeous Instagram shot just waiting to happen. Keep reading to learn how to organize your fragrances for your very own picture-perfect perfume display and streamline your beauty routine while you’re at it. Here, we’re sharing our best perfume organization tips.


If you don’t have a perfume tray or any open space in your medicine cabinet, there are plenty of other ways and places in which you can organize and store your fragrance. Just like with makeup and skin care products, small clear storage bins (that still allow for most of the fragrance bottle to be exposed) make great perfume organizers. If you’d prefer to have your scents out on display, try a cake stand. We promise it’s not as silly as it sounds! Just think of it as an elevated version of a tray. Another makeshift perfume tray option is an old mirror or picture frame—you can even pick one up at the thrift store! One last, easy option for your perfume display: a small spice rack with tiered-shelves. This is a great choice if you’re working with a small amount of counter or vanity space since shelves will offer you to utilize vertical space when surface area isn't plentiful.

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3 Ways to Organize Your Perfume Collection

Beyond what holds your perfume or where the bottles sit, in order to make the most of the different fragrances in your collection, it’s a good idea to separate your perfumes into different categories—especially if you own quite a few scents. That way, you know exactly where to reach to grab the fragrance you’re in the mood for.

Perfume Organization Method #1: BY COLOR

One of the most visually-appealing ways to organize your scents is by color. Simply group all your bottles together based on their primary color: reds and pinks in one spot, clears and whites in another, greens and blues somewhere else—you get the idea. If one of your perfume bottles is patterned, just pick out the primary color in the pattern and go with that. Like we said, one of the benefits of this organization system is how gorgeous it looks on your shelf or perfume tray. One of the cons, even though it’s minor, is that you really have to know what color each fragrance bottle is in order to know where to look for the one you want.

Perfume Organization Method #2: BY SIZE

Another visually stunning way to store your perfume collection is to group or align your bottles based on their size. It’s also super easy to do! Start with the smallest bottles on one end of your lineup, then place the rest so they gradually increase in size. This is especially perfect if you have a long shelf to display your perfume on!  

Perfume Organization Method #3: BY SCENT

This method is probably the most intricate because you need to really know your scents. However, organizing by specific scents really pays off in that it can make your beauty routine easier and help get you out the door faster. For example, if it’s day time, reach for a simple floral. For an evening outing, choose a bottle from the velvety, vanilla section.

Not sure what the different scent categories are, let alone how to discern which bottle belongs where? To figure out which category a fragrance fits into, simply smell each bottle of perfume: What is the very first, or strongest, note that you smell? Here are the major perfume categories you’ll be looking—or smelling—for:

Floral: If the tops notes of your perfume smell like any of the following, then it belongs in the florals category: Rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, or any other type of freshly-cut flowers. These are the flirtiest and most romantic fragrances, which is why they’re often packaged in cute pink bottles.

Citrus: Does the top note you smell remind you of citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit? Then it belongs in the citrus category. These fragrances are bright and energizing, and best worn to day-time occasions, such as an outdoor event, wedding, or Sunday brunch. They’re also typically reserved for summer, so consider saving your citrus scents until June rolls around!

Woody: If a perfume reminds you of a deep walk into the woods, with hints of vetiver, sandalwood, and oak, then it should be placed in the woody category. These fragrances have musky, mossy overtones that make them the perfect pairing for cozy fall and winter weather or an intimate evening dinner.

Leather: Fragrances that fall into the leather category have notes of leather itself, almost like a new leather jacket or pair of boots. With undertones of velvety smoke and musk, it's closest to the woody group. It can also have hints of juniper and vanilla and is generally considered a warm scent group. Yum!

Oriental: The oriental category of fragrances is rich with warm scents of vanilla and amber. This group is often considered to be the most luxe because it consists of fragrances with exotic undertones of spices and florals.

And there you have it—organizing your perfume collection doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive! Next up, we have even more organization tips for you. Here’s How to Organize Your Makeup Bag Like a Pro.

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