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11 Gorgeous Ideas For Your Next Nude Manicure

October 30, 2020

Deciding on the perfect nail color can sometimes feel like a chore when you can’t choose between the countless beautiful nail art designs available. No matter the season or the colors trending, a neutral palette will always complement your overall beauty look. Even with muted colors, it can still have the right amount of pizzaz. ICYMI: minimalist beauty is trending, and that includes neutral nail art! If you’re ready to hop on the nude manicure bandwagon, check out these 11 nude nail designs that are anything but basic.


If you fancy yourself a bit of a Picasso when it comes to your style, this is a nail design that you can really get into. The subtle color scheme lets the art really take the focus. Simply give your nails a couple of coats of neutral polish and use a striper brush to create the faces. Don’t worry about drawing perfectly—the abstract nature allows you to go with the flow.


Bandana nail art has been flooding our timelines lately, and it’s so fun for spring. Even in nude and neutral colors this makes for a scroll-stopping manicure. The intricate design requires careful precision and expertise to create the different patterns, so you’ll need to make an appointment with your manicurist.


Unleash your wild side with a leopard or cheetah nail design in a nude palette. An animal print manicure gives you the opportunity to add a small pop of black or gold to contrast against your nude polish while also exploring a super creative design. Head to your salon and let a pro perfect this stunning nude manicure for you.


Geometric nails make it easy to add some spice to your manicure with different shapes. You can decide between simple or intricate designs to suit your fancy. Unlike abstract nails, it’s all about precision, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of your nail tech.


This is a fantastic way to showcase a cool shape that garners attention. You can pair nude polish with gold, white, or silver hues for an extra pop. Start by painting your nails nude. Once dry, use a medium flat brush to create each side of the shape from one end to the other.


There’s almost no better way to give your manicure a sophisticated and glamorous vibe than by embellishing your nails with actual mini pearls. Paint your nails with nude nail polish. Use a small amount of glue and stick the pearls onto your nails. You can place them along the base of your nails, at the tip, or all-over like polka dots.


Speaking of polka dots, we love them for their classic and vintage-inspired approach. And if you’re a nail art newbie, this design is easy to create. Kick things off by painting your nails in a clear shade. Dip a dotting brush into nude or mauve polish. Carefully press the tip onto your nails to form polka dots all over.


For those who love the idea of showing off their natural nails with a bit of color, negative space nails are the ideal pick. They incorporate different shapes on bare or neutral-colored nails to create an illusion of the design. You’ll want to have a dotting brush or striper on hand to create thin wavy lines with small dots for a beautiful transparent design to show off.


Marble nails bear a striking resemblance to the gorgeous marble surfaces that you may see in home décor. Plus, they add a luxurious yet sophisticated vibe to your manicure. Start by painting your nails nude. Grab a small detail brush and paint random white lines throughout your nails. Use a toothpick to “swirl” the shades together to create a marble-esque look.


Like the name suggests, this design resembles a tux with a little bit of black and white at the tips of a nude base. Tuxedo nail art looks best on ballerina, stiletto or coffin nails but you can rock them on any shape by just slightly modifying the design. After polishing and drying down in your nude shade, use a thin piece of tape to cover your nail while you paint either side of the tip black or white.


Striped nails bridge the gap between simplistic yet classic style. They also allow you to play with angles in a unique way. Coat your nails with nude polish. Use a thin polish brush and paint your stripes wherever you please. We recommend opting for metallic shades for an on-trend finish.

Main Photo: @polishedbygem

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