beauty trends 7 Nail Designs for Guys That Put the ‘Man’ In Manicure

Dip your fingers into the malepolish trend.

April 11, 2022
Manicures For Men

Now more than ever, men are getting into manicures and nail art. Both celebrities and non-celebs alike are being spotted wearing bright, bold nail polish colors and unique nail designs. Whether you’ve been in on the trend yourself or are looking to try out nail polish for men out, keep reading. We’ve rounded up some of the best malepolish ideas we could find on Instagram, ahead. 

Male Manicure Ideas From Instagram 

Looking for inspiration for your next manicure? We’ve got you covered. Find everything from a minimalist nail polish to one-of-a-kind nail art designs, ahead.

Black and Neutral Mani

Adding tiny black details — each of which symbolizes the things you love — atop well-manicured, naked nails is one of the most subtle ways to show off how unique you are.

Fiery and Fierce

Fire details are not only hot (pun intended), but they’re also one of the most popular nail art designs right now. Red-hot nails not your thing? Pair a matte pastel manicure with fiery tips for a fierce mani that’s perfect for springtime. 

Animal Print 

Animal print is cool on its own, but if you’re a fan of drama, consider taking it up a notch by asking your nail tech to recreate a zebra or cheetah print manicure in bright, contrasting colors.

Shimmery Surprise 

Holographic nails are having a moment — and for good reason. In dim lighting, the finish looks like your average nail polish. But in the light, the polish reveals a shimmery, chrome-like finish. 

DIY Nail Sticker Mani 

Similar to nostalgic paper tattoos you may have loved as a kid, nail stickers are like tattoos for your nails. Whether you prefer cartoon-inspired nail decals or simple smiley face ones, trust us when we say that nail stickers are the easiest (and coolest) way to do your own nail art at home.

Glitz and Glam

Add a little bit of spice to a neutral-toned manicure with sparkly rhinestones and celestial gems. Tip: use tweezers to carefully fasten the gemstones to each nail.

Minimalist Manicure

If you consider yourself a minimalist and are hesitant about going all out in the design department, try painting a small dot on the center of your nail, close to your cuticle. This simple addition amps up the look of your natural nail while still giving it some interest and dimension.

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Written By: Caitlyn Martyn, Photo Credit: Crystal Simone