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12 Hobbies to Try Picking Up If You're Bored

April 03, 2020

If you find yourself feeling bored, streaming the same TV shows on repeat and spending way too much time on your phone, it may be time to pick up a new hobby. Of course, that can be easier said than done. While there are tons of cool and creative hobbies out there, they aren’t all easy to get into. Below, we’re sharing 10 examples of hobbies for women and men, including hobbies that make money, so you can try something new and maybe even pick up a new passion in the process.


Do you always feel caught off guard when people ask you about your hobbies, suddenly unsure if what you like to do counts? The truth is, hobbies really can be anything. If you head to Google for a hobby definition, you’ll see that hobbies are activities one does for enjoyment—which is something all of us could use a little more of.


Need new hobby ideas?


Of course, there are few things we love doing more than playing with makeup, and chances are, if you’re here, you feel the same way! But just because you love makeup doesn’t mean you’re an expert at every look. Use your free time to perfect your skills and become a pro. You could even start your own makeup YouTube channel.


Looking to make a few dollars with your newly learned hobby? Consider giving photo editing a try! No, we don’t mean simply popping an Instagram or VSCO filter onto a picture. Photo-editing applications will set you apart from the rest. Not only is photo editing super satisfying (we love a good color correction transformation), but it gives you the opportunity to make some extra money with freelance work.


Perhaps you want to spend your free time getting crafty. If so, knitting is definitely one of the best creative hobbies to pick up. Once you master the skill, you can weave together something tangible for yourself or a friend. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s also a hobby that—once you’re familiar with the process—you can do while binging your favorite TV shows.


Think your new hobby should benefit your beauty look? In that case, why not learn how to do nail art? You can seriously impress everyone you know by mastering a few easy nail designs, like leopard print and clouds. Speaking of the latter, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial to get cloud nails: Cloud Nail Art Is Trending and It's 100% Doable at Home.


Let’s be honest: When it comes to cool hobbies, most of us would love to be able to say we can play an instrument aside from the recorder. Well, what better time to learn to play one than right now? Consider picking up the piano or guitar. You’ll find there are plenty of virtual tutorials online that will break down the necessities. There are even some apps on your phone that you can use for an impromptu, small keyboard, so you don't have to spend a lot of money either.


One of the best hobbies for women and men? Working out! Seriously, why not achieve your fitness goals while you have some extra time on your hands? You’ll feel energized afterward and gain some confidence while you’re at it. Here are 23 Easy Workouts for Women to Try in 2020, all of which you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Changing your hair color can be a hobby in its own right, especially if you’re interested in trying different colors and trends on for size. Grab a few shades of the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray and try a different colorful hair trend every time you’re in need of a new look or even just an activity to spice up your day. For ideas, check out our list of 14 Unique and Fun Hair Colors You Can Actually Pull Off.


Ever wished you were an artist? Well, why not start now? As with most new hobbies, with the help of social media, it’s easy to learn a new skill at home—including drawing. Grab a pencil and paper and give it a go! You can find tutorials and inspiration all over Instagram and Youtube.


Speaking of social media platforms contributing to your hobbies, TikTok is the latest craze that seems to be taking the world by storm. There are so many skits and dances to learn, and we’ll be the first to admit that they’re crazy fun. If you’re with friends or family, have them partake in the fun with you. Who knows, you could become an overnight TikTok celebrity!


Think about all those recipes you have saved to a Pinterest board but have yet to attempt. There’s no better time than the present to give them a try! Bake some sweet treats to satisfy your boredom and your taste buds.


Reading is one hobby we believe everyone should have. If you’re behind on the stack of books that you’ve been meaning to read, now’s your chance to start digging in. Not only can a good book feed your soul, but while you read you can also totally indulge in some self-care. Just Choose Your Next Beauty Treatment Based on Your Favorite Book Genre!


Sure, we love listening to podcasts, but have you ever thought about creating one of your own? Rather than watching a movie you’ve seen more than a hundred times, consider putting your talking skills to the test by podcasting. You’d be surprised how many people may want to listen!

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