sun care and self tanning How to Avoid a White Cast in Your Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen doesn’t have to be a struggle.

June 29, 2022
Sunscreen White Cast

Wearing SPF daily is a must, but the white cast that some sunscreens can leave behind can ruin your desired beauty look — and even the thought of flaunting an ashen appearance is enough for some people to skip out on SPF altogether. But, there are definitely options available for you to use to get sun protection without having to deal with a chalky white cast. 

So instead of putting your skin at risk for sun damage (which can lead to signs of aging and worse), try upgrading your SPF skin care lineup with a few new additions. Below, we’re sharing the sunscreen picks and tips you can use to help avoid pasty and ashy-looking skin. 

Why Do Sunscreens Give You A White Cast?

A white cast refers to when your sunscreen leaves behind a white layer on your skin (sometimes it can have a purplish hue to it). This can be especially noticeable on darker skin tones and in photos, similar to makeup flashbacks. But, it isn’t something that always happens. Certain sunscreen formulas include ingredients like zinc oxide, which can give off an ashy appearance. Plus, how you apply your sunscreen can also play a part. Ahead, check out our tips to help avoid the look of a white cast after you apply your sunscreen.