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How to Put Lotion on Your Back (and Other Back-Related Skin Solutions)

February 14, 2020

You may be a pro at following the skin care routine you’ve put together for your face, but when it comes to body care, there’s one area you may be slacking on: your back! Unfortunately, it can be all too difficult to apply products to your back. This can lead to dry skin, blemishes, and an imperfect fake tan, among other things. No thanks! Searching for the solution to your back-care woes? Below, we’re sharing how to put lotion on your back—and providing other back-related skin solutions you can try.


Let’s get to it—how does one apply lotion to their back? Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

Option #1. Get flexible. Sometimes, you have to get creative with your application techniques. If all you have to work with is yourself and some body lotion, you’re going to need to put your flexibility to the test. Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a yogi to pull this off. First, squeeze a line of lotion along the top of one forearm and onto the back of your hand. Then reach your arm behind your back, so the lotion side is facing it. Move your arm and hand up and down, rubbing the lotion onto your back in the process. Repeat this process with your other arm.

Option #2. Use an applicator. Believe it or not, there are nifty lotion applicators conveniently available to make your life easier. These typically have a sponge at the end of a long stick. All you have to do is apply lotion to the end of the applicator and extend the stick so you can move the applicator up and down your back, rubbing the lotion onto your skin in the process. Not bad, right?


What about self-tanner lotions? Is there a way to apply them to your back without risky streaks? Here’s the deal.

Option #1. Find a friend. First and foremost, the best way to guarantee your self-tanner application is even and streak-free is to have a friend help you out. Whether it’s having your BFF stop by for movie night, asking your roommate for assistance, or turning to your mom, having someone to watch your back—literally—will make all the difference in your faux tan. 

Option #2. Use an applicator. No one around? You’re not at a loss. Just like with lotion, they have back applicators available for self-tanner, too. Apply it in the same fashion—squeeze self-tanner onto the sponge applicator, extend the stick, and move up and down to rub the formula on. Try to look in a mirror while doing so, so you can keep track of any spots you may have missed!


What about hygiene? If you’ve ever wondered how to cleanse your back, consider this your guide.

Option #1: Get flexible. Just as with applying lotion, you may have to test out your flexibility. Following the same method, apply shower gel or body wash to your forearms and the back of your hands. Wrap your arms behind your back and rub away. Simply rinse off by facing your back to the showerhead.

Option #2. Use a back sponge. Make your life easier by putting a back sponge to use. Apply body wash or shower gel to the sponge applicator, then use the extender to make cleansing a breeze.


Do you have bacne? To manage it, you’ll want to be sure to cleanse regularly (see above). You can also use a spot treatment to tackle individual blemishes. Simply look at your back in the mirror and apply with your fingertip where needed. That being said, there are different levels of back acne, and different ways to treat it.

For more info on handling bacne, check out our article, What Can You Do to Manage Back Acne?

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